Comin’ Down the Home Stretch

Stuff has been happening!

We went to a Teddy Bear Party. It’s kind of like Toys 4 Tots but everyone brought teddy bears to be donated to the local children’s hospital. Terrific idea! And a really fun party, too.

We are coming down the home stretch for Christmas, too. We are done with everything except Christmas Eve dinner. I’m making a standing rib roast with creamed spinach and cauliflower/potato mash. And a decadent chocolate dessert, courtesy of Becky B. All low-carb. Pretty much… Thank you, Becky B.

Outside, the landscaping is also nearing the finish line. Rico worked on the barbecue all day, by himself. He is such an artisan…you don’t find real artisans often these days.

Here are the fruits of his labors—pretty nice, huh. Way more than I expected.

And we have fountain! Coolness!

The plants have been arriving, too. We are doing succulents because of water concerns in southern California. Plus, we like them. I don’t know where they’ll go, I’m leaving the artistry up to Landscape Guy. He gets us.

Last but not least, the spa. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s the smallest one they make, but it fits, which was really iffy when there was no margin for error in the plans. 1-IMG_1518

Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus everyone!


  1. Your place looks wionderfyl! Glad you are on the home stretch! Enjoy the decadent dessert, it's our favorite!

  2. Rian, your yard is looking fantastic. It is so nice to see it all come together.

    We are off for Encinitas tomorrow. Much simpler Christmas all around - love not having it so stressful

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to the two of you. It has been gorgeous here in the desert the past few days.

  3. Your artistic talents are shining thru the design of this space. Quite perfect !
    Have a wonderful holiday week. I lift a glass of cheer to our friendship.

  4. I read your Christmas dinner menu a few days ago and haven't been able to get it out of my mind! Standing rib roast and creamed spinach sounds delicious. Would love to hear more about the "decadent chocolate dessert" which is low carb. The landscaping looks wonderful; put some vines on that fence and you'll have your own private little playground complete with hot tub and bbq.


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