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I can’t tell you because it’s a surprise. It’s a little piece for an old friend. 1-IMG_1437

I’m scurrying around in the studio every day to get it done for Christmas.

In other news, we had a little dinner party last night…of course I forgot the camera, which is a bummer because it was a really beautiful plate. I roasted thick, Yukon gold potato slices, then I sauteed fresh baby spinach with caramelized shallots. I piled the spinach/shallots on top of the potato, then I topped that with a piece of salmon that I grilled and finished in the oven. I spooned a beurre blanc sauce over all. Nary a morsel was left. We had gluten-free brownies for dessert. GF brownies are a little like sandy mudpies, but they are slightly better than no brownies.

I usually make hollandaise for salmon, but beurre blanc is easier because you can prepare the wine and shallots ahead, and just whisk in the cold butter at serving time. Hollandaise isn’t difficult but it requires last-minute concentration and focus. Things this cook is seriously lacking when the wine has been flowing freely.

We had our Carlsbad friends come to dinner because the guys were trying to use air miles to book a flight (together) that will take place next October. It’s a major headache to use air miles—almost not worth it. You have to do it yourself and you have to do it exactly 330 days in advance, which is when the airlines release a few “free” seats (damn few, and they don’t last long), and getting FOUR seats on the same flight was a nearly insurmountable feat. It took several hours, but they did it. They persevered and won.

Outside, we continue to be beset with delays. This time our pallets of pavers are sitting on a truck down the hill (maybe 300 yards away) because the guy’s forklift broke. They have called for another, but the lunch truck came, so who knows what the afternoon will bring.

Meanwhile they are pouring the slab that the hot tub will sit on. I got to worrying about the pointy corners of the slab, so I mentioned it to Bill  (Landscape Guy) and he said, “Darlin’, I’m way ahead of ya. It will be covered with pavers and you will never know there is cement underneath. You’ll never see it.” Cool. 1-IMG_1440

In other news, our beautiful Michelle celebrated her 40th birthday on the rooftop of a swanky midtown Manhattan hotel. Does this girl know how to party?

She said everything was fabulous. Happy for her. They will spend Thanksgiving with family and friends in Connecticut. We have no plans other than of a can of pumpkin that will be turned into some kind of mousse, and a sweet potato. Neither one of us is fond of turkey. I will miss the stuffing, though.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your loved ones and don’t stress.


  1. That dinner sounds delicious.
    I am going to try that potato spinach Salmon combo ....sounds yummy.

    I miss my hot tub....we have a big jacuzzi tub here but not the same as sitting outside under the stars.

    Your daughter is beautiful like her Mom. Happy Thanksgiving Rian.

  2. Love the preparation of beurre blanc. Please fix this for me and send it over via drone along with the salmon and potatoes. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner sans the kids. Middle sister ate too much.

  3. This will be better than the brownies, promise.


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