The Holiday Season Begins

Can you believe it’s less than a month until Christmas? Thanksgiving came late this year, so we lost a week. Aside from buying a new holiday outfit because nothing fits (the other way—everything’s too big), I am done with the shopping. Done! Thank you, Amazon Dot Com. I bought everything online and I saved shipping fees, and everything is perfect. I even got the Toys 4 Tots toy and a bear for the teddy bear party.

It’s football season, so you know what you-know-who is doing. Ah, the soundtrack of fall… The other part of “we” started decorating the tree. We got a new (fake) tree this year, we had a coupon at Michael’s. It’s okay, not as nice as the old one, it’s a little guy, which is good because the old one wouldn’t have fit anyway, so it worked out. At least we didn’t have to move it and THEN find out it wouldn’t light. That happened last year. It went poof. Timing, baby. This is as far as I got. The decorator needs mass quantities of brandy and tunes to do her best work…it’s tradition.


I finished piecing this little commission piece and it’s ready to quilt. I swear, I did that cactus three times before I was satisfied. I pieced it to give it shading/depth but it ended up looking like two hot-air balloons, so I started over. Then I cut it too small… 1-IMG_1449

Outside, they laid more pavers. This is the spot where the hot tub will go. You really can’t tell that there is a cement slab under there. Look farther down on the page and you can see it being poured. The guy is a real artisan.

Isn’t it amazing how much space we have back here after all? 1-IMG_1443

Here’s “before:”

I really like the subtle shadings of the stones. When the pallets arrived, the stones looked like the ugliest khaki/ocher you could imagine. Jim thought they were awful and he was sick about it. So I marched outside and said, “Take ‘em back, the mister hates ‘em.” So Landscape Guy laid some out and I talked Jim down from the ceiling, saying they’d be okay. And they are—I love ‘em. And, in the end, Jim loves ‘em too. 1-IMG_1444

Well, that’s all the news this week. Next week will be more of the same except I have some golf games scheduled. I hope I don’t embarrass myself too bad.


  1. OOOH, your outside is beginning to take a nice shape, I like!

    I also like that commission piece, lovely.

    I don't do a tree, so I'm enjoying other people's tree. Show us when it's done.

  2. It is hard to have the vision of what materials (like pavers) will look like once they are installed. Good thing the landscaper knew and could convince you and Jim that it would all be good in the end.

    Had to laugh about the "brandy and tunes" needed to decorate the tree! We're (meaning me and Paul) are tackling it this weekend and I'll have to remember to have a glass of wine for me and chocolate milk for him.


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