Taking Shape

We saw some progress on the landscaping this week. Now that they are back at it, they’re going full steam ahead.

Here’s looking the other way, toward where the barbecue has been started. Our neighbors are getting underway with their landscape too. They are at the trench-digging phase, which means jackhammers. 1-IMG_1425

They’ve laid the first row of block to separate the planting area at the fence from the patio side. Now you can see the pattern—I drew it this way because it’s more visually appealing than just straight lines and I think we can use the space on both sides better. There will be a fountain in the farther hexagon, and some light-blocking bushes in the closer one. The poor little upside down bistro table at the left of the frame will go in the middle between the two out-notches…for lack of a better descriptor.1-IMG_1428

A little closer, you can see the barbecue taking shape on the right of the frame. And we’ll have room for a table and chairs in the area in front of the BBQ, which I was concerned about. A small one, not a big one. 1-IMG_1427


While I was outside taking these photos just before sunset, the crows started going home for the night. They do this every day. There are thousands of them (just a few in this picture obviously), they gather in the sky and go west, over the hills toward the ocean. They keep coming and coming. And going and going. It’s so strange.1-IMG_1430


  1. Geeze~~just read all the posts I missed~a lot of things going on~sounds like some fun and some not so fun~It will all come out in the wash!!!! Those contractors better look out for Rian. Gotta have some stuffing for Turkey Day~enjoy
    Looking forward to New Years.

  2. It is strange when the sky darkens from a flock of birds flying by. Very Alfred Hitchcock! Glad to see that your landscaping is underway.


  3. Wow....that is quite the project but I bet it is going to be well worth it when it is done. Can't wait to see it.

    Watched a show on crows on PBS...they talk to each other for real...it was quite interesting and like monkeys they use tools to get what they want. I have a whole new outlook on crows now.


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