Moving Right Along

It looks as if our landscaper’s OSHA troubles are over and we are back in business.


Of course we haven’t actually seen anybody working, but the materials are here, so things are looking up. Landscape Guy says we should have our planter retaining walls in by Friday, but we have learned not to put a lot of faith into his sense of time.

Indoors, I put the facing on both “Raven,” which I finished over a year ago, and “Ginkgos.” I still need to stitch them down but I am going to take them to the Stitching Club Wednesday and do them there. I usually don’t go to Stitching Club because my work isn’t exactly portable.1-IMG_1422

I like this new way of facing SO much better—perfect 90-degree corners and very easy. I used to miter the facing, it was a fiddly booger, and I never could get it exactly square…case in point:1-IMG_1423

It looks as if I did this quilting on the Grace frame, which I sold a few years back. I didn’t have room for it then and we live in much smaller quarters now.

I am going to join Beach Cities Quilt Guild this week—well, I’m going to go and check it out, I used to belong to that guild years ago. I want to start thinking about entering shows again…maybe. (And maybe not.) I got fed up with entering shows when I lived on the central coast; the same four people won every prize every show, imagine that. Everybody might ooh and ahh over your quilt and say it was the best, but you didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a ribbon.

The health-nut gurus tell us devotees to avoid “gluten-free” products because they are processed food, and I don’t eat that stuff right now anyway because I’m still (!) on a low-carb diet, but I have to sing the praises of the people who make these things:


I know that to some people “gluten free” is considered a fad, but as a person who can’t eat a cracker at the appetizer table or have a treat when a special occasion rolls around, well, this just makes me want to cry.

Maybe there will be stuffing on my Thanksgiving table after all.