Making Things Flat

How do YOU flatten a quilt? This is my scientific method… actually works pretty good. You have to spritz the quilt with water then weight it down. The edges were pretty ripple-y before. If you don’t have the same density of quilting across the entire surface, it’s gonna ripple.1-IMG_1411

See? Flat now. Ready to face. (I never bind them anymore.)


Here’s a close up.


I was feeling pretty good about my quilting and thought I might be ready for Prime-Time (competition) again, so I went to the Hoffman Challenge website to see the fabric… ack, maybe not. 2015 fabric texture

Around the house, travails continue. See this line? Pretty obvious, huh?1-IMG_1417

Well, three men could not see it (I was golfing). The line went from the carpet about ten feet into the kitchen area (some moron wheeled a cast iron tub over it). They didn’t replace these boards, only the ones they could see. And they did a pretty shitty job, so I called them out again (6th or 7th time) and said if they couldn’t do a better job I was thinking of having them take out the whole floor and replace it with something else (this wood has been discontinued). That got their attention.1-IMG_1418
Not only did they do half the job, the wood planks that they did replace are uneven and have sharp edges. I am not happy. They sent their JayVee team to do the job and they effed it up. Unacceptable.

Then the stove dropped about half an inch in the left front—whatever was holding it level isn’t doing that anymore and everything you put in a skillet collects at seven o’clock. Customer service guy was out today and they’ll take care of it, but SHEESH! I think they cut the granite just a hair too large. It will be interesting to see how the fix THIS one.

Two windows are being replaced next week. One is too small for the frame and therefore won’t close (I kid you not) and the other one lost its seal and vapor or whatever is between the panes and it’s cloudy.

Back yard is still a “dig.” Trenches. No progress. Landscape Guy promised this Monday FOR SURE.

But tonight is appetizer night at the club, so we’ll have some fun. They have something for us every week.

I’m reading this book for Book Club next week. It’s a good one if you’re looking for a good read. It takes place in Western Australia about 1920; it’s about a lighthouse keeper and his wife who are isolated on Janus Rock and what happens when a dinghy washes ashore during a storm.


That’s all for now! Cleaning my machine and then putting the facing on Ginkgo. I am ready to be done with this piece.


  1. OUch, sorry about all the new house issues. Not fun to deal with once they walk away. Fortunately, our builder is willing to fix anything altho there hasn't been really much for him to do except for shower doors that were off kilter…..
    Loved that book but it is rather a downer.
    Heading out for golf this morning….I have NO expectations except a nice couple of hours in the sun.

  2. I think contractors must all come from the same mold. They certainly test your patience. Your Ginkos look just fabulous dahling - I'd certainly give them a ribbon! I read that book a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it!

  3. Read that book! It is so different....I liked it. Let me know what you think.

    Your quilting is wonderful...somehow I have missed your posts? Catching up now.


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