It’s October! Already?

Progress report: I did end up removing the sky blues, and I also removed the purples from the blue side of the spectrum and replaced them with more russets and maroons. I took this picture so I could see them side by side (before and after) and I liked this better—I think it’s warmer. It’s going to hang in our living room (if I like it) and we don’t have any blue in there. Whatsoever. Nada.


So here’s where I am today. This only looks complicated. It’s not. Each piece is numbered and has an arrow pointing north so I can tell which way is up, and there are many hash-marks to assist in alignment. That paper I’m laying the pieces on is sticky so I can iron everything down before I sew it together. Meanwhile pins hold things in place. The towel acts as an ironing pad and pincushion.


I sewed some of the pieces together at the bottom, my method has always been to piece the whole background and then attach the border in strips—you can see a border strip on the design wall. Well, getting those suckers to line up perfectly is a real booger. This time I’m going to attach a border piece to each edge piece. I think it will be better. We’ll see.

In other news, we’re having a party! Just a little one, but it’s our first party in the new house. We’re excited.

We invited some neighbors over for some of J’s good vintage wines. We got to talking at last week’s happy hour about “what are we saving it for?” The milestone birthdays and anniversaries have all passed, there will be no more weddings—I don’t think—and there will be no more grandchildren. Those events call for champagne anyway. Many of these wines are ten years old and J is worried they may have gone bad (that would be tragic). Like I said, what are we waiting for?


We’re only serving cheese, nuts, and dark chocolate, all things that pair well with red wine. Nothing fancy, just laughter and fun times—like a happy hour. Maybe we’ll all go out to dinner afterward. Who knows?

This is such an easy do! Simple, simple! I think we’ll do this with more neighbors in the future. So we can drink more of J’s wine. And to make room for more, right?


  1. Sounds wonderful! And now you made me hungry for some beef tenderloin to go with all the other things you are serving...

  2. You are energy loaded--no stopping you from quilting and entertaining and having such a good time! Love the progress on the quilt and colors. Appreciate seeing the layout on the quilt and will check in for more. Middle Sister

  3. Sounds like you are pretty well settled in and back to some quilting. Loved seeing your table runner and am anxious to see this project develop. We've been gone two weeks so am trying to get a bit caught up with blogging. Amazing how many posts there are in that amount of time! Have a fun party!


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