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We thinks you gots some serious mole problems here! 1-IMG_1379

Har har. It’s just the landscapers. They’ve been doing this for three days. I keep thinking it’s a good thing we don’t have a dog.


Speaking of dogs, the coyotes were yapping up a storm [again] last night and I was afraid they’d come in the back yard if the workers had left the gate open, but then I realized they’d probably fall in the trenches. That’s why we have such high, prison-like fences. We’re coyote-proof.

I have come to the conclusion why rabbits and rodents are so prolific. They’re low on the food chain. We also have hawks screeching and owls hooting, and they need to eat, too.

Well now, *this* was fiddly! I need to figure out a better way to do this. Anyway, after much sussing and swearing, I got the border sewn on. Lining it up was a bitch! 1-IMG_1381

These are the best two of four corners.


The rest aren’t so good. You can see the bottom right corner in the photo below is like a half-inch off. Screw it!1-IMG_1384

Next to go down are the leaves. Actually the piecing goes pretty easy, it’s assembly-line stuff. But I did NOT say it wasn’t fiddly! It is. Plus, aligning the seams causes me grief. So I asked myself, Do I care? No. Good. 1-IMG_1385

My craft iron died on me (it too spent four years in the desert…the white plastic is now yellow) so I’m using the good one. I’ll have to get a new iron before I ruin this one…but I think I already did. I have some iron cleaner-stuff, it works pretty good. If it hasn’t dried up like everything else.


  1. Good attitude about the seams not aligning perfect as we do not live in a perfect world or so goes the adage. Love the colors. Appreciate the photos and step-by-step assembly. You may have trenches and vermin and wild beasts and iron fences, but we have the dreaded mosquitoes! This is the first Spanish word I ever spoke and I was just a little kid in the 40's. They may be "little flies;" but I'm telling you from experience, they are the little vampires. My legs are a mess! Middle sister is miserable.

  2. Your soil sure is grey looking! Looks like quite a project. I can't wait to see it progress. Love your quilt project, the ginko leaves especially. It's going to be fabulous. In our quilt group we say, "If you can't see it from 30 yards on a galloping horse, it's fine!" Stitch one!

  3. Keep going! Don't sweat the small stuff? Something like that.

    Rodents, varmints, critters and suspects. All to be dealt with somehow.

    PS-I liked the visual of the coyotes in the trenches...

  4. If you get gunk on the iron, use a damp Mr Clean Magic Eraser on a cold iron...won't hurt the soleplate - makes it squeaky clean..and no worries about a dried up tube of cleaner.

    Love how the new quilt is coming out...

  5. Yikes! I admire anyone who does "fiddly", I no longer do that, so this is fun watching you work on your leaf. Looks to be coming along just fine.

    : )


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