Happy Halloween

Pretty scary, this. I think it's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I stole it off someone else's website...I'm bad. Amazing that Hollywood hasn't glommed onto this. 

Are you going out tonight to howwwwwlll? They are having a little shindig at the clubhouse but we don't have costumes...although I offered to paint us up as zombies and we could dress in tattered old clothes that are too big for us (which is everything in our closet), J wasn't interested. I would be willing to bet there is a football game on he wants to see. 

So we'll lock the doors and eat all the candy. Only kidding. We don't get candy and we don't get trick-or-treaters. The fences keep out the kids as well as the coyotes. Supposed to rain tonight. Bummer for the kiddos. Like it hasn't rained in a year, and it rains on Halloween. That's just wrong. But we need the rain so desperately it feels wrong to grumble about it. 

This is pretty intense work.

I had to break for a thread-buying expedition. (Red Rock Threads.) Initially I said I'd just use up what I had, but after I quilted the background you see with yellow thread I realized the folly in that logic. I don't mind the yellow, it's kind of a banana yellow, it's not too awful, but just about anything else would have been better. 

Hey, I played golf this week! I didn't do too terrible, I went with a neighbor-couple and I was real nice so hopefully they'll invite me again. I even got my car washed and picked them up. I'm on the fence about whether to renew my membership with the Ladies Club (which includes my handicap index) or just play now and then. It's such great exercise. So great, in fact, that it took me two days to recover! Man, was I tired! But I hadn't played in like 8 months. 

The course (San Juan Hills) is just okay (I'm so spoiled from the desert), you can see Saddleback Mountain in the distance, and you can see how dry everything is. This is the (dry) creek bed where I presume the coyotes live. I sliced my ball into this creek and I went to fish out another one from my bag, and evidently I must have left a granola bar in there because some little critter chewed a perfectly round hole about the size of a quarter in my bag. I know there are mice around here because the landscapers have set "motels" for them. We live in the wilds, yaknow. 

We had some house snafus this week, Floor Guy finally came to fix the wood floor where the plumbers rolled the cast-iron tub over a large area and left an 8 foot long indentation in the wood. They came to fix it while I was golfing (Jim was here) and I didn't pay any attention. Well of course after they left I saw that they only did about half the job, but you couldn't see it unless you stood in the bedroom and looked the opposite direction toward the kitchen, which of course, was inevitable eventually, so we called them to come back. This time it will involve tearing up the baseboards and carpet because of the location and I'm not sure I want to do that, and the replaced boards never fit the same. It's not that bad, you have to really look, but I know it's there. Floor Guy came back and sanded it a little and I said to leave it and maybe it won't bother me after a while. Like the holes where one of the shades was hung that I demanded be taken back, you'd think I'd take the ten minutes to patch them and paint them, but nooooo. I don't see them anymore. And the chunked-out corner in the hall where the movers tried to fit the hide-a-bed sofa without taking off the feet. I know it's there, but I don't see it. 

The other snafu--you won't believe this--OSHA shut down Landscape Guy because he didn't have Worker Comp insurance for his guys. And I think it's because his workers use the other contractor's porta-potty and he got hacked off and reported our guy to OSHA (the workers talk, they all know each other, they all take lunch at the same time when the roach coach rolls down the street). Well, it's his own damn fault he got caught, but we're the ones hanging with trenches and unfinished thises and thats. Not exactly happy about it but whaddaya gonna do. Work is supposed to resume Monday. 

Well, that's all the news. Stay healthy! 


  1. Middle sister enjoyed your news and pic of the quilt. Banana is good and banana color is good. We did not have any candy and did not turn on the lights for Halloween. Tomorrow there are celebrations for Dia de Los Muertos (my Spanish spelling is pure awful).

  2. Saddleback Mountain looks beautiful! Great view.

    Too bad about the Landscape Guy but at least someone else has taken care of the problem and landscaping will soon resume. That unfinished work looks scary.

    Lucky you about having "no candy." I ate eight miniature Baby Ruths before I came to my senses and threw the rest out!


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