Groundbreaking News

Literally! We broke ground today on our landscaping. Finally! The ground is clay, and hard like concrete, so they use a jackhammer to break it up. Even weeds won’t take root in this cement-stuff. What they are in doing in this picture is digging a trench. The trench will hold pipe for sprinklers, electric, and gas. For the barbecue. And the hot tub. Yeah!


Inside, I have been shoulder to the grindstone on this project. I got the entire background pieced and placed. I have realized I neglected to draw the inner border line before I cut up the paper templates, so I am essentially working without a net with regards to where the edge should be. I’m not surprised I’d forget something important, because it has been a while since I did this technique.

Update: I fixed it. I think.


Here’s a scene from our little party the other night. Everyone had a real nice time. Good fun. Happy people. Nice neighbors. IMG_1348

Our little community had a harvest festival and it was real sweet. They had a live band and free food (fire-grilled sweet potato slices with chipotle, and coconut shrimp with red pepper glaze). The kids got to decorate pumpkins and play toss games, and eat apple slices with caramel sauce. It was hotter’n blazes, but we all had a good time.


Then we came back to the house and played games and watched USC lose to Arizona State. It was so nice to hang out with family and just be. Dinner was pork tenderloin with cranberry-onion glaze, acorn squash, and salad with walnuts, roasted beets, and goat cheese. We scarfed it all up.


  1. That all sounds just lovely! Except for the hotter 'n blazes part!

    Almost wish we had that clay soil. No weeds sounds just fine to me:)

  2. It's going to be fun to watch your garden grow! Your dinner sounded wonderful!

  3. Your kitchen peninsula looks like a great place to lay out a spread for a party. Looking forward to seeing your finished design!


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