The Casting Couch


Couch—get it? I held auditions yesterday. These guys made the cut:1-IMG_1334

The close-up. Interesting to see them all laid out in a photo..Now I’m thinking maybe tans and beiges for the backgrounds instead of grays and blues. I’d kind of like to have some citrine yellows instead of the ochre-y ones but I am NOT buying any more fabric! 1-IMG_1336

So what am I making.1-IMG_1339


I struggled and struggled because I wanted to do something cubism, a style I love, but I couldn’t break through the invisible barrier. My sister Mike told me to cut the crap and I did. As soon as I found some photos of leaves (in this case, ginkgo), my creativity came back. Well, I do have a lot of the right fabrics.


This is going on outside my window today. It is loud. I have the windows closed and this noise is rattling the fillings out of my teeth. These guys are not wearing earplugs.

It’s always a construction zone around here on weekdays. Gets old. We wake up every morning to the beep beep beep of trucks backing up, and hammering, and now jackhammers. It’s like living in New York City.


  1. Wow, your leaf project is going to be one fabulous piece of work. Love the fabrics. Keep us posted on your progress.


  2. Your design is marvelous. My, that's a lot of fabric and color. I would be baffled to make a choice. Blues/grays are cold. Any colors you choose will be just right. I'd get you a fat quarter in citrine, but I don't know colors at all and would end up with a pumpkin orange. Your posts on quilting are great and I enjoy every one. Mike

  3. Cut the crap! Sage advice:)

    Beautiful fabrics and a lovely and flowing design. This is going to be a winner!

    My security code is "411"!

  4. Oh goody, I look forward to seeing you at work again.


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