Down The Rabbit Hole (Again)

This week three of my cyber friends actually emailed me to ask if I was still of this world because I’ve been so silent.

I AM HERE! Just busy. Totally.

I guess the best place to start is I joined a book club, and, at this book club—beside the fact that I’m reading lots of fiction that I may or may not love—I learned that, if one has a library card, one can download and read books for free on their Kindle! This is like getting free candy at the candy store—and off to the candy store I went.

I’m still digging (deeper) into the subject of inflammation and gut health. I have forsaken all grains and sugars in exchange for a better, thinner, pain-free me, with amazing energy, a happier outlook, and just better health all around. Anyway, I am plundering stacks of books and learning new things. Once I stopped eating junk my brain woke up and it’s hungry.

The days and weeks are flying by. There are clubs and happy hours several times a week. You’ll remember that having a social life was one of the reasons we moved (the other being climate). I love the gals on my street, we’re like old friends already. It’s all so much fun.

I got out for some golf but then the weather turned very hot. As soon as it cools I’ll be back out on the course, and that will be soon. I’m very rusty.

I am making a concerted effort to spend time in the studio, I have made some sketches for the next quilt but I’m finding it challenging to wake up my creative juices. I ordered some Christmas fabric and decided to make a table runner to get my hand (and brain) back into it. Something happened to my photo-editing software, so these photos are unedited. Jeez—now I have to go chase down THAT problem. It never ends.


I have yet to work out a design, I got the fabric yesterday and am letting it speak to me. I didn’t want the standard red/green Christmas colors, but I had that red piece in my box of holiday fabrics so I’m auditioning it with the others.

On the house front, we still have contractors almost every day. There are only a few things left on the fix-it list, but the major one, the floor  was damaged when they wheeled in the cast-iron bathtub, remains a big problem because they can’t find wood to match. If they can’t, we may have to get a whole new floor. Needless to say, they are trying very hard to hand-pick the wood pieces to match.

Landscaping is not underway yet, but soon. Maybe three weeks. The cabinet-repair guy has arrived, so I’ll stop here.

Love, Rian.


  1. So glad you are going to do a table runner. I don't know how long it takes to complete, but with time permitting you could do a fall runner just in time for Thanksgiving. I do like your color pallet in the photo for Christmas holidays. Right now I'm in a blue phase and want to paint a blue Christmas subject, but not before I do some pumpkins on canvas. Oranges and greens and browns and, most of all, white pumpkins. M - The 2nd crafty sister.

  2. OK, I'll bite. What do I have for dessert if I don't have chocolate cake? An apple? Only if I can bake it cored and filled with brown sugar and butter. I'm fighting the sugar loving with the end of age problem. Do I want to be slender at 72 or love my sugars to the end? Dilemma exists here. I trust you and what you say, but my brain says it loves caramel poured over frozen yogurt.
    M - the sugary-sweet sister

  3. Busy, busy! Somehow, those fabrics say Christmas. Maybe it's the red-I really like that with the neutrals.:)


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