Christmas Table Runner

I debated whether to call this post what I did, or “Adios I Don’t Need You Anymore,” but I thought I might convey the idea that I’m checking out. I’m not going anywhere, THIS is what I meant:


These are the drugs I no longer have to take. Three meds for the asthma that I had for 25 years. The Advair is hideously expensive and makes the drug company billions every year. Bye-bye, Big Pharma! The prescription on the right is for migraine—if I took that at the first sign (visual aura) I could knock some of the fury out of it, but the drug made me feel SO AWFUL for about six hours that sometimes I made the conscious decision to suffer through the full-blown migraine because I hated it so much. Once I took two by mistake thinking they were Excedrin because they look alike, and I felt so bad I almost went to the hospital. I lost so many days over the last 10 years to debilitating migraines. But now I don’t need you, either! Bye-bye and good riddance! The other stuff is OTC, but I don’t take them either because I no longer have chronic joint pain and stiffness, and I sleep great every night. I think I’ve had one headache in six months.

Okay, so here’s the table runner I’m working on:


The strips on the left/bottom have been sewn together, the others are in the queue. I spent some time cogitating designs and I had one all set to go, but yesterday I went to Scrabble Club, and while there I used the ladies’ room and noticed the tiles on the wall had been cut to varying widths and lengths and I just liked it. So that’s what I did.

Here’s a close-up:


The narrowest strips are 1” wide finished. The greens look black, and the strips are actually straight, unlike how they look in the photo. I am using the crappy camera, obviously. All the fabrics are metallic, but the camera doesn’t pick that up, either.

I am deciding whether to use hot-fix crystals (rhinestones) or snowflake sequins for sparkle. I think the crystals. I also have some white beads that could look like snow, but that requires hand sewing and I don’t know if I want to put that much effort into it.

It feels good to get my hands back into fabric.


  1. I'm so pleased for you, Rian! You're experience in altering your diet and getting rid of gluten and sugar is impressive. I'm finding giving up gluten difficult, really difficult, but will keep trying!

    Can't wait to see your finished table runner!

  2. I'm glad your diet solved your health problems. It's great to finally figure out the cure, especially if its something that can be brought about through lifestyle changes. Great inspiration for your quilt. You never know where the lightning will strike you.

  3. I like the idea of crystals. I like metallic in fabrics. This should be a really brilliant and eye-catching runner.


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