What’s New?

Actually not a whole lot, which, in and of itself, is refreshing. We are settling in and finally able to just live life. Which, to me, means doing nothing if I want. There’s a lot to be said for that. I even watched golf on TV for two days—something I rarely sit still long enough to do, but it was an exciting tournament.

Around the house, we replaced the dinky chandelier with this one. It’s still not massive like some of ‘em, but we like simple, clean lines.


We still enjoy eating our meals at the dining table, we never sit at the counter to eat. This is a habit I like.

We put up some fans. Well WE didn’t, we had some guys do it. All the metal fixtures in our house are brushed nickel; faucets, handles, etc. so we put this in the living room. I dig it.

We have been getting to know our neighbors and of course we are all interested in seeing how each others’ houses turned out. It’s amazing how different they each are inside. Some are gorgeous, some cause you to wonder what they were thinking.

Back to fans: The furniture in the studio/guestroom is white, so I went with a white fan here. I like the sleek, contemporary look. I don’t like those goofy flower lights hanging down, in fact I didn’t want a light at all but try finding a fan without one.

I just learned that the new blackout shade will be here Friday. Wow! Three weeks early—that never happens! Meanwhile we have been using these paper ones from Home Depot. They actually work great. They don’t come all the way down, but they do the job. I roll up the middle ones in the morning to let the air and light in. 1-DSCF1357

This is the wretched light outside the bedroom; hateful thing that it is. But we’ll fix it, we’ve got all kinds of weapons in our arsenal, one of which is a big, dense bush. No progress on the landscaping—he’s doing the house below us first. I think most of the topsoil (clay) has blown in our windows and is on every surface inside. But I don’t care, I love the ocean breezes. Besides, that’s what vacuums are for. 

Sure is a tall fence, isn’t it—but we can hear coyotes yapping all around us at night, so we think it’s a good thing.1-DSCF1361-001

Did I ever show you the bathroom? It’s got a free-standing cast iron tub. We chose that option because the standard one was built into a big tile surround and jutted out into the room, taking all the space. We rarely use a tub but they can’t NOT put one in. It’s code or something. A couple people have had theirs taken out. Like I said, some things cause you to wonder.

You could swing-dance in this room and not get hurt. That niche is just begging for some accent color and art, dontcha think? 1-DSCF1359

I took this picture earlier today to show you something but now I’ve forgotten what it was. I love this kitchen. Love it, love it, love it.

I took this picture to send to my son who doesn’t have internet right now. I wanted him to see that I have lost my double chin and fat neck. So I mize well show you, too. Now if I could just get that loose skin to firm up. At my age I don’t think that’s gonna happen on its own.

Here’s a picture taken in April. 1-DSCF1288

The rest of me is looking better, too. I have shrunk two sizes and my clothes are sloppy. The pants that I surreptitiously left unbuttoned beneath my shirt are now baggy and loose. We both look scrawny in our clothes—it’s laughable. We didn’t want to buy new clothes while we’re still shrinking, but we may have to.

I feel years younger, I have more energy, joint pain and stiffness has disappeared, and I still have not had a migraine! I was hesitant to blame such a seemingly benign substance as wheat, but now I am convinced: Grains and sugar are toxic. 


  1. They guy we bought our condo from removed the tub (Think '70's bathroom) & made a large shower. Still no space, but... My son loves to take a bath while on vacation!

  2. The place is looking good; YOU are looking GREAT! More about how you ate/cooked to get rid of wheat & sugar--tell all!

    I just finished off the delicious cookies from the Health Food store that had loads of sugar, but were delish (home baked, not commercial). Now, it is time to let go of all the bad stuff and start eating right (again).

  3. You look absolutely marvelous with the weight loss. Amazing face loss. I had sweet orange marmalade on buttered toast this am with iced peach tea. Uh oh! I'm eating the wrong foods! I really love the photos of your house and all the descriptions. Neat tub. Neat fan. I want to see the shower and more. Older sister says you look great and you look like Mother.

  4. You look great !! so glad the new lifestyle is agreeing with you. Enjoying the tour of the house and all of your excellent choices. It took 2 1/2 months to get our landscaping in. So when do you start playing golf ??

  5. Ooooh, you and the house looking good.

    : )

  6. WOW~~you look great~so happy for you~~the hard work paid off~love hanging baggy clothes~may have to give the no sugar a try~don't think I could give up all wheat~but I've always been a low carb person. I think if I went back to no sugar~some aches and pains might go away!!!

  7. Just realized I didn't say who low carb lady is
    Love Ya Cheryl

  8. You look wonderful - just like your old self and years younger. To be honest, I barely recognized you in that ball park picture. Your house is looking great too and I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

  9. So glad you've scared those migraines away! Nice, too, that you're settling in. It must be fun to have all new, shiny stuff! BTW, you look terrific!


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