My First Rodeo

You’ve heard that saying? Not my first rodeo? Today I went to the rodeo! There is a working ranch (Rancho Mission Viejo, which is the name of the town in which I reside) just over yonder in the San Juan River valley and the rodeo came to town. It was pretty cool. Actually it was pretty hot.

I liked the rodeo, it was a good time. Exciting. 1-IMG_1283

I’m pretty sure this cowboy (he’s under the horse) had some broken ribs. 1-IMG_1258

Six year old Savannah wanted to do the bungee thing.

After the rodeo they had a country band and the dance floor filled up. Michelle and Savannah cut it up.

Yeehaw. My darling Michelle.


  1. What fun! We have not been to the rodeo in years. It used to be a yearly event when the kids were small. Glad you had fun.

    BTW, your house is looking terrific. So are you!!!

  2. Looks pretty exciting! Did they have barrel racing?

  3. Very attractive kids !! Must be the good genes !!
    Have never been to a rodeo but there are many around here and might just have to check it out.

  4. Now I want to go to a rodeo! Looks as if everyone had a great time!


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