August Begins

And I’m  happy to report the moving is just about done. We only have a few little things left to do; we can actually relax and goof off.

For one thing, we are going to replace this puny pip-squeak of a chandelier. This is a “production” house, and they give you builder-grade (read: cheapest shit possible) everything and it all pretty much needs to be replaced. Like the cheesy plastic TP holders that I replaced with pretty rings that match the faucets. Very shi-shi.


This is the replacement chandelier below. I assembled it yesterday. We are waiting for the ceiling fans to arrive and be assembled and our handyman will put them up. We have a handyman! Yay! J is brilliant with numbers and finances; installing and fixing things are not where his talents shine. I’ve got the knack but I can’t reach the ceiling.


We laid the sisal rug (Pottery Barn). We like it, it gives the room a casual, beachy air, which is what we’re going for. We need to reposition it a little, which requires lifting the sectional, and then we’ll stick it down with rug tape so we don’t trip on the edges. It’s a loose weave, so it tends to shift a little, and the tape will help with that too.


We had the blind guy come and take back the horrid blackout shade from the bedroom window and we are replacing it with something softer and so much nicer. The glass doors span practically the entire wall and there is a bright streetlight on the street below, perfectly positioned to blast us all night—you could read a book by that light. Then the rising sun blasts in. It will be 5 weeks before the new shades arrive, but it will be worth it in the end. The first one….oh, it’s a long story.


When we plant grasses along the fence, you won’t see the houses on the street below. I completed the landscape concept-drawing and as soon as the HOA approves our plan, landscaping will begin…in about six weeks. Three is space for a small hot tub—I am jazzed about that.

There is art happening in the studio! I have a great spot for a quilt over the fireplace, and I am getting my groove on. Well, trying to, anyway. I discovered yesterday I can’t quite remember how to do it! Once I get started it’ll be fine, but it has been a long time since I did this particular procedure. The design wall is up and still has threads on it from previous projects. Fabric is screaming to come out of storage! Can you hear it?


This is the view out my studio window, hence the screen marks. It is cool and peaceful here in the morning, the workers are up on the hill clearing sagebrush from the trails. There are several trails that wind around our little enclave. I haven’t gone hiking yet, but I will. It’s been pretty hot lately. But nights and mornings are cool. I love the air here. LOVE IT! We can hear the coyotes at night.


In spite of all the upheaval we have stuck to our diets, except that wine seemed to find it’s way back into the program and it really slows the weight loss. I weigh once a month (today) and the official count is 16 pounds. In August I will get back to boot camp and kick butt—I have committed to lose 6 pounds this month, which is pretty aggressive.

We are starting to take daily morning walks around the ‘hood and the hip is 99.6% better. I haven’t found time for golf practice yet, but I will next week. I’m getting the itch. My handicap card says 00 now—too much time elapsed since I played (February). I have to start over and establish a new handicap all over again.


  1. Yay! For things to be settling down, for a glorious view of the rolling landscape, for getting your quilting groove back on, and for dedication to morning walks!

  2. So that's what that noise was coming from the south! Glad you're getting settled, too, and getting into the new studio. Looking forward to seeing your creations again! Have you lost the weight just by stopping gluten? And are the migraines still gone, I hope? BTW, I love the rug!

  3. Middle sister absolutely loves your photos of the house. The new rug and the new light fixture. This is so much fun to see all the rooms decorated. I say, more pics! Keep up walks, but since you are new to the walks in your area, please take a portable radio and play it while you walk so as to alert any critters that have staked claim to the wilderness. There are coyotes, of course, but there are cougars/mountain lions and possibly little brown bears and don't forget snakes. The radio sounds will scare them off your path. (I used to have to whistle when I was out in the wilds.) Middle sister loves her little sister and does not want her in danger.

  4. This is all looking pretty good! I love the area too-it looks like a nice combo of desert and built up areas.

  5. It must feel good to settle in--and it's great to see you in the studio again. I have that experience of forgetting how some parts of the quilting process work too when I go a long time between projects. It always surprises me when I find myself having to re-learn something I once knew.

  6. I have all the faith in you that once you concentrate on your quilting process it will be as though you never left it behind.

  7. It's all coming together so well. YOu have such good taste. I considered the sisal rugs from PB but ended up with shaggy soft and very dense area rug. Great distant views. Sorry about the handicap score….I wish I could start mine over….I'd cheat a bit !!
    Enjoy your beautiful home and nice weather. You've earned it !! S


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