Making Serious Progress

There is nothing like having houseguests to get one off their assets and finish (pretty much) in three days work that could easily be procrastinated for a couple weeks. Friends Mike and Marty are coming Wednesday. So we kicked it into high gear over the weekend.

Basically what that means is, we hung the art. What a difference art makes! And wonder of wonders, it all fit, with room for a new piece or two! Unbelievable. We have a lot of art. It took two days to get it all up.

The armoire is 110% too big for the room but whaddaya gonna do. I don’t have a quilt that’s perfect for that spot over the fireplace, so I’m going to make one. It’ll be a great project to help me get back in the groove.

We exchanged the tan faux-suede barstools for chocolate leather ones and we like ‘em! Yay! We thought we’d sit at the counter for breakfast, but we find we like the dining table more. The view is nice and the breeze is heavenly. The chandelier will get changed out as soon as I have time to shop for one. DSCF1337

This is J’s office (my desk is on the right, out of the picture). He likes his art hung high. It’s his room <shug>.DSCF1339

This is the hall that leads to the powder room. The afternoon sun was blasting through the window so I closed the door. DSCF1340

Looking through the front door. Sorry about the boxes—they’re gone now. We got that rug in Turkey. It’s silk and beautifully iridescent. We usually hang it on a wall but this time we hung it on the floor. DSCF1341

Here’s our front. The windows are the studio/guestroom. That’s Bud parked in front. I decided to not sell it. It’s only got 23,000 miles on it and it costs nothing to keep it. We have other things we want to spend our money on right now. House stuff. DSCF1342

Here’s our little “California Room.” Like the furniture? Check out that view reflected in the windows. DSCF1343

This is our bedroom. It’s pretty small. Rather, our furniture is pretty big. I am standing outside to take the picture. I wonder how long it will be before I hook my little toe on that bench on my way to the bathroom in the night. DSCF1344

In other news…there really is no other news. I took a longer walk today and my hip barely hurt at all. The walking is painful (but not very much) and it makes it feel stronger/better in the long run, and each day it hurts less. By the time we get all this house stuff done, I’ll be ready to go to the golf practice range. Next week maybe.

I love it here. I am so happy we did this. It’s a lot of work right now, but it’s worth it and we’re in a good place.


  1. You are doing good! Lots of hard work but worth it. And I love that "California" room:)

  2. So glad your dream house and location have come true for you! And that your body aches are easing up; that must feel great.

  3. Very nice, thanks for the tour. It's always fun setting up a new house, albeit a bit exhausting!

    Do continue to enjoy your home. Lucky you to look out on hills, I do love hills and mountains.


  4. Sounds like you're pretty well settled in? Now I have to catch up with your blog to find out what you did to your hip! Glad it's on the mend. (We've been in CO, and we, too, are enjoying cool breezes back home.)

  5. Your place looks gorgeous. Everything looks so fresh and clean and I particularly love the colour of your sectional. It looks so warm and inviting.

    I'm so glad everything worked out for you and you are happy in your new home.


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