Little by Little

We are getting it all done.


Inside, we are just about ready to hang the art. The window shades (stacked at the top of the windows) are in. We should get the cardboard boxes out soon—you get one chance to have them picked up, and we have just a couple more boxes to empty. The rug you see will be replaced by a sisal one if it ever gets here. I am shopping for light-colored pillows to lighten up the red sofa. When I find the time, that is. I loved the beachy ones at Pottery Barn but they are all sold out and the fall/winter colors are coming in. I knew I should have bought them in April but we had no place to keep them. Oh well.


We got the above barstools from Pottery Barn and we hate them. They are going back today. They are faux suede and just all wrong. They’re pretty massive, but then the island IS more like a continent. Some of the junk on the right side of the picture is still waiting there for us to disperse it somewhere. I love the kitchen. I love the whole house. We get wonderful ocean breezes through that window at the dining area. I am over the moon with the AIR here!


I got the studio done, everything is put away…quilts will get hung in here, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. See how the shade color looks different against the walls? In “real life” they are the same color. The walls always wash out to off-white in photos. The are really tan, about the color of the sofa.

That’s Bud (my SUV) outside the window. My SIL was going to buy it but changed his mind. Now I have to sell Bud first. Disappointing, but at least I can take my TIME now. I was crunched to get wheels ASAP before he gave it back. There are just too many other things vying for my time. I had been shopping online and now every car dealer north of the border has my number and wants my business. You can imagine. We’ve stopped answering the phone.


J got the office done. Everything fit, but just barely. I can’t show you the bedroom because ONE of us is still sleeping. We got the blackout shade yesterday (finally!!) but it’s all wrong and now I have to fight with the Blind Guy to pretty much take it and shove it. We are very disappointed with the shades. Quite a few of them are just plain wrong. We will have to start over in many rooms. Really pisses me off. I don’t have time for this.

We found a Landscape Guy. Yesterday we went to some neighbors’ houses and looked at the landscaping he had done there and liked it. We like him, too. So that’s a load off. Now I have to make specific, to-scale drawings for approval. Landscape Guy tells me “they” are being really persnickety so I have to do a precise job. Or pay an architect. We’re considering the latter.

In other news, my sore and stiff back and hips are quieting down and easy mobility has returned. Yoga classes have started up but I’m not ready for that yet. My book club met yesterday and it was a good time. I love the book—so far—(All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr) but I didn’t get much read in the small window of time I had—I joined late because of Moving Day.

The diet is still going well, even though I have recently been drinking wine at night to help ease the achy joints. (That was my excuse anyway.) Wine and weight loss don’t mix, so I need to cut that out. My clothes are too big and I’m digging in the archives of the closet to find what was previously too small. The new Chico’s top that I only wore once before I shrunk it in the wash now fits. It feels great to be thinner! But the best news of all is, NO MIGRAINE IN 3 MONTHS since I quit eating wheat.

Well, time to run, everyday errands still need to get done. Thanks for stopping by. Life is good.


  1. So nice to peek in on your progress.

  2. Looks Great Rian! I'm glad that you are finally getting settled. Here is a link to
    I've heard good things about them..

  3. Sounds like you are BUSY~ so glad it's all coming together. Happy days~No Migraines!!!!! and congrats on weight loss. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  4. Rian! Your new home is so BEAUTIFUL! I have been so busy have not had time to go see it until now. Everything is just so lovely....and no MIGRANES!

    You studio is looking fantastic too....all the art will be the jewelry to make this all come together. Congrats! We move on the 11th of Aug. Can not wait to be as far along as you are.

  5. Glad you've not had any migraines! Your house is looking great, and the next post makes it look landscaped in the front already?


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