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That’s seemingly how so many of my days are lately. I have been learning way too much about food—specifically what is being done to our food in America and how we have been deceived. Every morning it seems I learn something new about the government’s role in our nutrition (if you can call it that), and every evening I dig into another book about the politics of our nation’s food. One thing leads to another, then another, then another. But I did say I needed a hobby. Be careful what you wish for…

Did I tell you we have been dieting? This was in front of me last night. DSCF1321

I tasted it. It was soooo sweet. Whoa! It was our friend’s 65th birthday and we drank champagne and had a lovely lobster dinner at a swanky restaurant in La Jolla to celebrate. Diet or not, life’s milestones happen.

Speaking of diet, we went up to Dana Point to meet up with my cousin Jim for lunch. When I looked at the photo I could actually tell we’ve lost weight. Compare this photo with THIS one taken in April. We don’t have a scale so this is the only evidence I have of success so far.


Here we are a few years younger. We were playpen-mates.SCAN0052

Since Dana Point is only six miles from the new house, where do you think we went after lunch… You guessed it!001

The house is nearly finished. We were delighted to see that the appliances are in. Except the fridge and W/D, which we purchased elsewhere. I have a stove!


And sinks! Last time I was there I noticed the grout in the backsplash was a shocking sandstone (orange) color. I am not sure if they changed it or maybe it just dried, but it looks okay now. Hey, I didn’t notice that the sink is oval—I thought it’s supposed to be rectangle. There are so many nuances to stay on top of. IMG_1184

We go for our initial walk-through June 18, and closing will depend on what tweaks or touch-ups are needed. Moving day is the 27th. Less than 20 days! The waiting is agony—I will be so glad to leave this little apartment by the railroad and the nerve-jarring train horns 24 hours a day, and the bed with the giant sink-hole in the middle.


  1. Looks great! I ca see why the waiting's hard. BTW, you might find these books interesting: Fast Food Nation and Twinkie Deconstructed....

  2. The new house looks so great! Nice color choices.

    That piece of cake is easily big enough for four adults. Dessert is supposed to be a "little" something sweet - not a piece of cake the size of a small car! No wonder you only wanted one bite.

    Cute pic of you as kids. :)

  3. So soon~ you will be in your new home by the time we get back from our trip~we got the tix to Del Mar, Sept 3~we are looking forward to a fun gettogether with you guys~can't wait to see the new digs!!!! Will call when we get back.

  4. You look great! The house looks great! You're almost in it! Yeah!!!!


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