Fire and Smoke


Fortunately we were not in the path of the fires, although some were fairly close, but we were directly in the path of the smoke. The smoke was bad—our eyes and throats were irritated, and fine gray ash swirled everywhere.


They suspect a couple teenagers started some of these fires. This is so hard to fathom.


Unfortunately, wildfire is a part of life in southern California, and we have been directly in the path of fire before (the 1993 Laguna Beach fires). There is nothing scarier than seeing a wall of flame coming toward your house (okay, maybe a bear or shark coming at you). There were hunks of blackened cinders the size of my foot in our back yard. That fire was also set by an arsonist and destroyed many homes.

There is nothing sadder than seeing someone’s home and possessions devastated. Everything gone.

I have never seen anything like these “firenadoes” in my life. Extremely scary.



It was uncomfortably hot in the apartment for a while, but we were never in any danger. The hot, dry Santa Ana winds have subsided and the usual onshore flow has returned. Temperatures are back in the normal range and the smoke is now being carried back toward the fires and parts east, and we are breathing better.

Forty more days. FORTY MORE DAYS! We are 70 down, 40 to go.


  1. I agree-it's one of the most frightening things you can experience I think. So very out of your control and the immediacy of the fear-it's really something.

    Glad you and Jim are OK but honestly, it's horrible for everyone. I am glad that the weather is improving.

  2. I'm glad you're okay Rian. The pictures I've seen on line have been terrifying.

  3. Oh, how scary. And for what? Stupid people doing stupid things. It's really hard to imagine the mind set behind starting fires in a high-risk area.

    And the waiting.... maybe it's time for a little "get-away from the apartment" vacation.


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