Walls? We Got Em

Are you getting tired of this yet? It’s okay if you are; I understand. But I need to chronicle this stuff somewhere. And here is where it is.

We drove up the coast to The OC choose a different tile for the laundry room and secondary bathrooms because it’s been discontinued. Us and several others. We needed to take the orchid to Michelle that we forgot on Easter, anyway. It was a beyond-belief beautiful day. It rained Friday, and everything is glorious. Ah, Spring!

They have put on the first coat of stucco. The next coat will have color. Yellow—not my favorite, but I had no say in the matter. I asked; they laughed. Politely.002a

Here’s the great room. How different it looks with walls!004a

Below is the dining area, and the island base. We chose the plain drywall base instead of the furniture-looking one and saved five Gs in the process. Oh and the new tile we chose cost a little less, too. 003a

It looks so much different with walls, doesn’t it!

Here’s a view you’ve seen often. I actually have to stand in the neighbor’s yard to get this shot, LOL! The yard is tiny, only 13 feet to the fence! (I’m so okay with this.) We measured it today because I’m starting to think about the landscape design. 006a

Here’s looking out the front door to the porch, I guess you’d call it. I love the arched door and entry.


Until next time!


  1. I like that arched entry too. We have a thing about arches:)

    It's fun to watch the process. Very exciting!

    (Incidentally, my security word is "process")

  2. Yes, the walls do make a big difference in seeing how it's all going to turn out! Inch by inch....

  3. I so enjoy seeing it grow…..keep updating your fans !
    So…what is 'furniture looking drywall' ?? I really like the spanish look…arches and all. And I do like yellow…assume it will be more of a carmeled yellow.

    Getting excited for you….. Sue

    your site doesn't like my URL again….

  4. Really nice progress! The arches are lovely!

  5. Enjoy your updates~fun to see the progress~can't wait to see your new home. Ditto above "what is furniture drywall? Is that like Barefoot Formal?

  6. Looking great, Rian! And more like a real house every time you post. Lots of potential for potted plants in that entrance way......

  7. It is looking wonderful. Drywall base will be just fine and you could always cover it with wood, tile or stone at a later time if you see the drywall getting damaged or dirty. Or order a gallon or two of the paint used to have on hand for re-touching.

    We were in your neck of the woods on Friday and this am. Went for grandparents day at Kaitlin's school in Solano Beach - but, she came down with whooping cough so that was off. We still went anyway, the whole family had been on antibiotics for 5 days. Spent the night on Thursday at Harrahs Southern CA Resort (Rincon) (had fun but contributed to the cost of the new tower and casino remodel) then drove to Encinitas to the kids. Todd took us all (Jerry & I, Laura, Tyler and Kaitlin to Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff for lunch. Right across PCH from his office. Our lunch consisted of all appetizers and everything was absolutely delicious. Wonderful food. I hope you have a chance to get there if you have not already done so. We can't wait to go back.

    As we drove down Encinitas Blvd to PCH I kept looking right to see if I could find your condo! Yesterday pm we drove to Carlsbad and stayed there last night with friend at Tamarack Beach Resort. It has been a couple of beautiful days at the beach. Had a great b-fast this am at a dive cafe in CBad..food was outstanding. We love dives, always some of the best food ever at good prices.

    Wanted to call you but there just was not time. Too busy with family and out of state friends.

    Call me or I will call you.


  8. Rian, menus are posted on their web site....



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