We went up to the new digs today to go over a few things with the foreman. He read through his list of upgrades to make everything was correct.

He showed us where this pipe goes, where that vent goes, HVAC system, sprinkler system, trusses, joists, and he explained how a house is built without load-bearing walls or posts. It was very interesting.

There is a lot of paper and plastic that goes into a house these days. Copper pipe is a thing of the past. It’s red or blue poly plastic pipes for hot and cold water. I guess when you think about it, plastic is probably better because it doesn’t corrode.  IMG_1109

They put up the outside styrofoam stuff and chickenwire, and it is starting to look like a house. Two coats of stucco will be sprayed onto the surface you see here. 007-001

We have windows now, too! Tomorrow they will put in the pink insulation and the next day the drywall goes up. The foreman said it will really go fast after that.

Here’s a peek at our street. 004


  1. Don't I know all about pipes! That is one of the things that Rich's company sells for the type of project you are having done. (Electrical though and not water.)

    Looking good and very exciting!

  2. Wow, it's moving fast. You and your wine will be together in no time.. Can't wait to see the interior finishes. S

  3. Wow! It certainly is moving right along! It is looking great!


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