Halfway to Home

We’re midway through our between-houses stint—a milestone of sorts. I can tell you this—it can’t come soon enough. The original title of this entry was to be “Cabin Fever.”

I haven’t blogged much because there hasn’t been much anything to blog about. Living in this tiny 600-square foot box doesn’t offer much in the way of interest. But we’re hanging in there, despite having only basic cable. We keep ourselves occupied by scouring the internet for landscape ideas.

We have been going up to the house almost every weekend, here are the latest progress photos, although it doesn’t really look like much has happened since the last time.

I can’t see what I’m shooting with the little pocket camera.002

These were taken on Easter Sunday, we were up visiting the kids, who live only a few freeway exits away (sure beats 3,000 miles away). The drywall was about half up; this will be our great room, and it looks like 5:00 came when they only had this area left to do.

We had a lovely time with the kids and granddaughter on Easter, gosh it sure is nice to have grown children who have taken over the holiday duty. Holly came too. She is our daughter’s BFF, and like a daughter/bf to us. Granddaughter Savannah, who turned 6 just three days after Easter, kept us entertained while she was flying high on Easter candy.

While we’re holed up here we I decided it’s time to go on a diet. I think I meant to start this in January, if memory serves. We’re not traveling now, and it’s the traveling that kills us, weight-wise, so it’s a good time to get with it. We were eating a lot of convenience foods here at the apartment because I’m very limited by the kitchen and its lack of tools and ventilation. Anyway, I downloaded an e-book, Wheat Belly. Very interesting! Daughter Michelle has had health problems for a long time, it turns out she has Celiac Disease and cannot tolerate gluten at all. Now that she’s gone wheat-free, she is [finally] in glowing good health. So, vicariously through her, I have learned about what has been done to our wheat in this country and why it (and HFCS) is responsible for so many of the obesity and health problems in the US today. Shock!

We were having toasted English muffins (and butter of course), with wonderful raspberry jam from the local market. I am not sensitive to wheat, nor is J, but we have given it up. We aim to go low-carb for the long-term weight loss, but, for now, we are only giving up wheat. Sugar too, the half-empty jar of that lovely jam went into the trash as well.

It’s a start. Next we’ll forego the other grains. Potatoes and starchy vegetables will have to go, too. Looking back, this is the same diet that crazy nutritionist had J on when he was sick—and he lost a lot of weight.

We have both been lucky with our health, but we are getting up there—I’ll be 65 soon—and we want to live a long and healthy life!


  1. I was just thinking that the diet idea sounded so familiar. Maybe she wasn't all that crazy!

  2. The planning for your new landscape sounds like a fun project and a welcome distraction. I keep going on and off the no-wheat diet. I does make me feel better, but it's a hard one to keep up with. The good thing is that there are now a ton of GF products on the market that make it a bit easier.

  3. How fun to start from scratch on the landscaping. It's a big project though! Here we are battling moss, and tons of it after all the recent rain. Have you read Grain Brain?


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