Beautiful SoCo

(South Coast.) For lack of a more creative title.

We had a great week—albeit a lot of down time in the apartment because it has been COLD here, but we got out and about.

We went to the Padres’ Opening Day at Petco Park. Free hats!DSCF1288

Petco Park is a beautiful ballpark, and it’s right downtown, which I love, and it’s easy to get to and from. Below, the military is bringing out the American flag. There must have been 250 of them. DSCF1292

Because it’s a really big flag! The Padres lost to the Dodgers, but it was a good game and we had a great time. DSCF1295

We briefly considered living in a high-rise downtown because we both think it would be really neat to live IN a city and be close to the theater, restaurants, etc, but, in reality, we’re a little old for that. I think it fits better if you’re in your 40s, working, and upwardly mobile. The prices were reasonable enough (and the views to die for), but the HOA fees were astronomical: Like $3,000/mo. No lie. No way.

We went to see the Patriot Tour, with Marcus Luttrell and some of his Navy SEAL pals. Marcus was the guy who wrote, and was depicted in, the movie Lone Survivor. Here’s Marcus—I snapped this photo sans flash with my phone—it turned out pretty good considering it was dark and he wouldn’t hold still. 095

Now, Marcus just stands up and tells the horrifying story of how Operation Redwing really went down; in his own words. He told how the Hollywood version doesn’t come close to capturing the intensity of the event, and, having heard him describe it in vivid detail, I could understand why. He is one tough dude, but he’s also a very humble man. And extremely lucky to be alive. Extremely. We met other wounded heroes as well, and there were more standing ovations than you could count. Powerful stuff.

Next up, we took a ride up to The OC to see the house; on a beautiful SoCal spring Sunday.

Below, the garage and front door. IMG_1104

Below is the dining room, and the dark angular shape at the bottom right will be the island. You can see our view, and when we get some grasses planted you won’t see those rooftops below. We didn’t get a slider door there because it would have cost several thousand bucks and there is a door on the right side. IMG_1106

Looking back at the house, this shows the covered patio. It faces southwest and catches the ocean breezes. It will be sunny in winter and shady in summer. The dining room window is to the right, and at the right edge of the shot is the bedroom door opening. We got a big double slider there. IMG_1110

It was fun and exciting to walk around inside it, partly because the model is reversed so everything feels backward. It’s SMALL! Yikes! Well, as someone told me, we’ll live outside more. Good. Oh, and it’s so quiet there…


  1. That is one honking huge American flag! Love it.

    Your house looks wonderful. Love your view.

  2. A very California day! $3000 HOA? Seriously??? Sounds like SF.

    The house is going to be great. I can't wait to see it in full.

  3. I love seeing the American flag anywhere anytime.

  4. A whole new life! So exciting!!!! House size will be perfect, and view is phenomenal!

  5. Wow--look at that flag! The house is really coming along, Rian. You will be "home" in no time.

  6. Marcus is awesome. I've heard him talking to Beck for years. The house is really coming along! What a view! When will it be finished?
    Baseball.. haven't been yet. It's barely in the 50's here TODAY. Anyway, it is my favorite sport. Only if it is nice though.. not much for sitting in the cold and rain. Luckily, the Indians rarely make it to October.

  7. Wow, your new house is coming right along and looks really nice! We sure lived outside more in San Diego than here! I still miss that after 37 years....

  8. Catching up with you….the house looks great. Love the covered patio. And the entry….impressive. Looks like you have a large great room window like we do….and we both face the same direction.
    How small is small ?? You might have mentioned it before. Our's is 1900+ , about the same as our Fl house which I find is just perfect. Having wide open views out back helps a lot. S


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