We're Back!

At the beach.

Man what a grueling weekend. So tired. We are in an upstairs apartment in Encinitas and not very used to stairs, so we have tired legs tonight. This will be a quickie, and only if I can manage to not fall asleep at the keyboard before I finish.

The moving van showed up (late) Saturday morning, except it wasn't a moving van, it was more like a bob-tail truck. Small. The movers did a fine job packing it creatively in order to get as much stuff in as they possibly could, but they ran out of room at about 75%. Oops.

Oh but what could we do. Nothing. So we went out to get some dinner. Our choices were limited because the BNP Paribas tennis matches are going on and the valley is jammed. All restaurants packed, and we looked like maw and paw from the flats.

We decided to tackle the Tackroom Tavern, which is a dive bar/grill at the polo club. It fit perfectly and it wasn't crowded. Probably because they don't have great food. Actually it isn't all that bad, we were just early, it was full when we left. I don't know if you can see the saddles that you can sit on while you belly up to the bar. Yeehaw.

The next morning the two old dudes showed up with this. (They were terrific, by the way.)

And it was filled to the brim when they left. What was the estimate guy thinking! He was WAY off! Well, the good news is, we only had to pay for the first truck, or about 75% of what it might have cost if he got the estimate right. 

This was the last piece to be loaded onto the truck. (We left the barstools behind.) 

The desert is beautiful, no regrets for the four years we lived there, we enjoyed it, but it's time to go home to the coast. 

Now, rest. 


  1. I'm going to give you a wake up call at 6 a.m.! Rise and shine. Turn on the coffee maker. Take a short run on the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze. Come home and enjoy your coffee! xoxo Your middle sister who just cracked and lost one of her front teeth when eating pizza crust. Am I upset--gosh no! I'll just keep whistling through my tooth when I talk and snore when I sleep.

  2. Sleep tight tonite and sleep in tomorrow morning!

  3. Pretty soon you won't even remember all the bad stuff about that move, including the saddles at the bar!

    Glad you are all done with that part. Hope you are resting:)

  4. Upstairs? What were you thinking?!

  5. Glad you're safely back in "home" territory! You'll have a chance to thoroughly scope out all the good places before you "settle down!" We have lots of stairs in our house and like to think of them as part of our exercise program, especially when it's raining! Enjoy the beach!!!

  6. Yippee! The worst is over.

    Good call on an upstairs place. Better security and you'll keep your legs in shape for the move into the new house.

    Rest up and enjoy the beach. :)

  7. I guess moving is always an adventure, but sounds like the bob-tail truck wasn't a disaster after all. Know how exhausting moving can be, but at least you are back where you wanted to be!


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