The Slab Yard

We took a trip up to Anaheim to select the granite for our kitchen. We had two choices at the design center—a murky grayish pink that looked like vomit, or Uba Tuba, which is black with opalescent flecks. We turned our noses up at both of them, which meant we had to go further afield to find one. And at additional expense, I might add.

The slab yard. There were almost too many to choose from—this is just one row. 001

We had initially chosen something called Mascarello from a tiny sample at the design center. When they “held up” the full slab (below) for us to see, we both went “yuck.” Cool how they do it though, huh.


So we meandered through the yard and narrowed our favorites down to five. We’ve perched our elbows on a lot of different granite over the years and we’ve grown bored with the typical brown fleck, and of course we want something different, something we’ve never had before.

This piece, Nascarado, knocked our socks off. But it’s a lot more expensive (we don’t know how much more yet) because it’s quartzite. It looks like a painting and has wonderful, subtle colors throughout.Nascarado

This one, Aurora Borealis, is fabulous but my feeling was it might be too dark against the brown cabinets (see bottom photo). Those swirls really are purple—huge wow factor. 004

This one is called Golden Crystal and we both like it even though it’s brown, but it’s got character, and it’s affordable. (The dark part is the reflection of the building behind me.) Golden Crystal

I went ape over this one, Taj Mahal, but Jim didn’t like it. And it’s quartzite, so it’s more delicate AND more expensive. But OOH! So unusual. Taj Majal

Finally, this one, Tortuga, caught our eye. It’s definitely a contender. I love the subtle greens. It’s ART!Tortuga

As long as we were up in The OC, we went by the new house. It was a gray, drizzly day and I only had my Point ‘n Pray camera, but here is a shot (from the moving car) of the community of Sendero in Rancho Mission Viejo. it reminds me of an amphitheater the way it’s shaped. The red arrow points to our house.

013b copy 

We couldn’t go up to the lot because they were working, but we’ll get up there on a weekend soon. This is a shot from the design center. Yes, they do build them close together in southern California, but we’re used to it.

015a copy

You are welcome to weigh in on the granite, please feel free! In fact, I’d appreciate your opinion. Below is a pretty fair (color) representation of the cabinets and backsplash. That little square was the granite sample—it looks nothing like the slab.

Cabinet and backsplash



  1. Isn't it fun, and hard, to make all of these choices? I love the way the piece on the right picks up the color of your cabinets. It'll be fun to see what you pick.

  2. Fun in the sun! I like the slab with purple, but I believe the slab with some green is a good choice. The pic with the cabinet, backsplash, and the sample go good together. You know you will like bits of green. Enjoyed all the pics. (from your sister)

  3. Hi again! Your sister loves the pics of slabs as one can see rivers and all sorts of stuff in the designs. I really like the 'purple' slab, but it probably does not have the resale factor for down the road. It is really cool, tho! It doesn't look too dark. It's so California! It's like a painting. I love it! The bottom line: You're the boss!

  4. I would need a bit of drug therapy if I had to make those decisions. But you are a PRO. Beautiful granite that you have chosen. We did pick out our granite but it's rather generic and the opposite of what we have now….On a 2nd home, I just didn't want the added expense. Keep sharing…I might just steal some ideas. S

  5. The one with purple!

    (The guy before us chose the black...)

  6. The slabs are so beautiful just by themselves aren't they? Definitely a work of art, all of them.

    Since you asked, I like a much more unpatterned pattern to rest my eyes on and to cook on and prepare food on. Just a consideration:)

  7. Personally, I am done/over all the patterned granite. I would prefer something very plain.

  8. I like the Taj Mahal slab too! I also like the white by the door(backsplash?) So you are lucky that and the white slab wouldn't go together..

  9. We chose a quartzite a couple of years ago that resembles your Taj Mahal. I would have preferred quartz like Silestone but couldn't convince hubby it was worth so much more. Of your choices, with your backsplash, I like the first one shown. Has some pattern but is on the light side and would make a nice combo with cabinetry & blacksplash. Just can't stand anything that looks like bloody meat or vomit lying on the counter! You can expect a bill for this opinion--isn't selecting finishes fun?

  10. I loved all the slabs equally..Its so nice going through this blog post..
    Thanks for sharing:)

    Quartzite Tiles-Elegant Natural Stones


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