Granite Update

Here’s how the granite SNAFU ended.

After several emails back and forth with our design person (she never returns the call), we were told that we could only select from FOUR pre-selected granites, that all others were off-limits. Wha? You didn’t tell us this before we wasted a whole day on this exercise…exercise in futility, that is. How ridiculous is that.  

So, of the four, I present the one we went initially to see and said no to…


I mean, ICK! PFFT! Can you imagine? Whose idea is THIS!

The other one was the purple-y one, which a lot of you liked, but I thought it might be a TAD overwhelming, especially before my morning coffee.

Long story short, thwarted and miffed, we went back to our original selection, which we were okay with—not overjoyed, mind you, but okay with—before we tried to get creative.

Here it is. Good ol’ safe mottled brown. It works. And we saved $7000.


We looked at Silestone—engineered stone—but that stuff just looks dead to me! It’s kind of creepy. Jim likes it even less.


We’ve stalled off the design center (it’s the least we could do) on our final decision until Sunday, because we may decide to go up there to play touchy-feely with the Silestone samples before we commit.

I have one more thing to tell you: DON’T EVER GET THIS! 001

It is the absolute worst piece of crap—whoever designed this ought to be fired. The water shoots out like a high-pressure washer and splashes everywhere, no matter how gently you try to ease it on. I have seen this at Lowe’s and Home Depot recently, and on the REMOTE chance that you are thinking of upgrading your plumbing and this caught your fancy, RUN!

Just a little public service message from Rian’s Pages. Have a great day.


  1. I like that milky white with just a little brown. What is that?

  2. Great choice. It will be lovely and clean looking and won't drive you crazy looking at it. I like Silestone/Ceasarstone/whatever quartz from the hygiene standpoint and never needing resealing. And it's "quiet" not "dead!" Ah, diff'rent strokes.....

  3. Deep breaths! I like your choice (of course). It all looks beautiful to me-you should see our countertops!

  4. Good choice… is almost identical to what we have in this house and nothing shows on it….not dust, not crumbs, not coffee drips. This is either a good thing or not….. it isn't until the sun hits it or my hand slides across it that I see and feel that it desperately needs to be wiped. Otherwise, it goes with everything. I suspect our dark choice in the new house will be just the opposite.

  5. Sure am glad you didn't choose that first one! I think you'll be happy with your choice, but too bad they led you astray into the slab yard. Pretty soon you'll get to see all those choices in action!!

  6. Mottled brown and coffee at breakfast time. What a combo!


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