At The Beach

I did a little redecorating here at the Pages, it was time to let go of the desert/golf image in favor of something more like Orange County (“The OC”). These are the hills east of San Juan Capistrano.

But today we are “AT” the beach. We are in Leucadia, which is part of Encinitas, which is part of North County, which is part of San Diego.Capture

I am sitting where the red marker is in the lower right. The Coast Highway (PCH) is where the aqua pushpin is, and the railroad tracks are marked by the green pushpin, which means we hear the railroad much more than we hear the ocean. We can’t see the ocean at all.

When we go walking we have to trudge up a hill to a long, one-way road that runs behind the first row of beach houses. You can barely get a peek at the ocean for the walls between the mansions. DSCF1278

We see some cool houses here. We see a lot of houses that were built in the post-war era—some, like the one above, have been restored. You could buy this house for about 4 million.

But if you bought it, you’d probably tear it down.DSCF1277

Because the house is worthless. The land is what’s expensive. You’d tear down the 2000 square foot bungalow and put in something like this. If you can afford 4 mil for the lot, you can build the house for a million-plus, so it’s no big deal really. DSCF1276

Now, the above house is on the inland side of Neptune Ave, so it’s only worth about 2.5 million. The beachfront houses block the view, but if you build it high enough, you can see over the houses in front of you.

Of course, if you don’t have that kind of dough, you’ll have to get creative. Rooftop seating can be had for under $50 at Target.DSCF1286


It’s good to have a reminder of what the beach was once like.

Here’s something you don’t see every day; we must be getting close to a beach access point.






We are at the end of the road. This staircase leads to the ocean. There is a [free] parking lot behind me, very nice. We don’t go all the way down because then we’d have to climb all the way back up. We have enough stairs to climb back at the apartment. But we’ve gotten used to going up stairs and now it’s nothing. Roar!


That’s our little walk, it takes about 45 minutes up and back.


  1. Wow! What a change to your desert existence. The beach is beautiful...the real-estate unbelievable in CA.

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  3. I love the nice blue sky! Can't believe how this area of San Diego Cty. has changed. Do you remember when Poinsettia Lane still had only poinsettias?

  4. So Cal is always a mystery to me but at the same time, that real estate issue is very familiar! It's so nice to see the ocean really. I do enjoy these little outings:)

  5. Nice little walk…..and good overview of where you are. That part of the world is very foreign to me so I have a better picture of it now. I'm definitely not a beach person altho I do enjoy a cold one at some fancy resort in Mexico or the Caribbean. S

  6. The kids first home in Encinitas was on Vulcan (right across from the train tracks and right off Leucadia Blvd. Darling place but tiny, tiny! Now they live over the hill closer to Camino Real, between Leucadia Blvd. and Encinitas Blvd. We love it down there but the cost of real estate is sky high. It is beautiful there.

  7. Absoultly love the ROOF TOP SEATING~gotta get a ladder to my roof~sure would be a great view~see ya,Cheryl


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