Are We Having Fun Yet?


We are just about all packed up, we have maybe only a half-day of packing work left to do, plus some errands like taking another boatload of stuff to Goodwill, and the time to be casual about it all.

We went over to the coast today to see the new digs and to take some things to the “beach house.” Which is, in reality, a teensy apartment/condo. A vacation rental, and our temporary home for the next five months.

I played in the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” tournament at PGA West Monday. It was so much fun. There were little black dresses and glamorous hats, long black gloves with rhinestone bracelets, long cigarette holders, and of course pearls.


Janice and I got there early so we could warm up. The photo does not do justice to the majestic grandeur of this setting. The string of white dots are perfect pyramids of golf balls. This is a high falutin’ club and there will be no schlepping of buckets of dead balls that you paid for; no no no. These are here for you, along with tees and anything else your heart might desire.


We played a four-person scramble, which means one person hits the ball and everybody decides which one they like the best and then they all play their ball from that spot. I don’t know if you can tell, but the tee boxes are diamonds. And amethysts, rubies, emeralds, etc.

Here’s a close-up. Yes, the grass is really that perfect. And if you’ve been following me for any length of time you know what that red rock means.


We played the Palmer Private, which is a ball-buster of a course. It is long, and it is difficult. This the course where they play the Humana Classic. Hey, if you can play here, you can play anywhere.


It was my last golf here in the desert, so it was a little bit bittersweet. It’s SO beautiful here. It is that.

But when we went over to the coast today (six hours on the road total), it felt like we had come home. Here are the fruits of our labors:


It’s hard to see everything and the photo is woefully inadequate, but check out those river rocks for the shower, aren’t they cool? I resisted them for a long time but they really add a punch of color and interest.


I fell in love with the tiny mosaic tiles that will be the backsplash in the powder room. They are 1/4” and just the sweetest thing.

All along I have had nagging doubts about one thing or another—like when you make a quilt and look at all the fabrics together and you see the outliers.

But today, finally, everything meshed. Perfectly.


  1. I LOVE all the new house choices! Makes all the moving worth it...well, almost! Just paid the deposit on our condo rental in Oceanside for June. Can't get enough of the beach.

    Glad you're taking your time on this one, you'll appreciate the care you took when it comes to unpacking!

  2. Very handsome decorating choices!

    Will you be closer to Michelle now?

  3. How fun to pick everything new! I LOVE the river rocks. We watched our first house be built, but the choices were very minimal. Guess I missed something along the way because that red rock is a mystery to me. Oh well.

  4. Beautiful choices. I know you will be very happy there.

    Hopefully you will still have the same phone (cell)
    #. We do get down there every now and then to Encinitas.

    Hope everything went well with your visitor's yesterday.

    Be happy! I will miss you! At least we finally got together!

  5. OK, I give up. I've followed you for a long time and I have NO idea what the red rock is all about….
    Scrambles are fun…takes the pressure off…..cute idea about the outfits…I'll have to remember that for our Friday group.
    I'm so glad you are enjoying making all those choices. I'm having fits just trying to pick out ceiling fans. I did succeed on paint colors today. You're choices are wonderful. I can't wait to see it in it's intended spot.
    That tunnel light is getting really bright …… Sue782

  6. No, that above message was not from Sue782, it was just plain Sue…..hit too many keys !!


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