Taking a Break

We have been packing every day--it's our main job now. I am doing the lion's share of the packing because J has all the paperwork and business ends to take care of. He does it so much better--we operate from our strong points, yaknow.  

It's amazing how much stuff we need in order to live life in the modern world. Furniture notwithstanding, we need to have all the kitchen necessities including fancy serving plates, plus towels, bedding, SEWING supplies, office supplies, computers, books, files... 

I can't help but think of the women in Africa who may only have a few meager possessions. One or two treasures in a lifetime.

We've moved several times in the last decade and we keep getting rid of stuff each time, but still we have so much. This time we are downsizing, so we have to be ruthless about letting go of it. I can't imagine what it would be like had we lived in one place for 30 or 40 years and raised kids there. We are running lean and mean now, and it feels good. My motto is, if I don't use it, I don't need it. And if I didn't use it in the four years we lived here, out it goes. Well, except for the fabric of course. 

This is only the stuff that is going to Martha's Village--we are leaving some furniture behind as well. I only used the pasta machine once, not very successfully, and I have moved it three times. It's not going with me this time. I made salmon ravioli and I put them in the corner of the kitchen and covered them with a towel to dry. J took the four-inch-thick Los Angeles area phone book out from the drawer and plopped it on top of the towel, unaware that the raviolis were there. That was the first and last time I made ravioli. 

I used the potato ricer once for Thanksgiving because Martha Stewart told me I needed one. It is going to a new home, also. The kids do Thanksgiving now and we get to be guests. Believe it or not, I have only made Thanksgiving dinner two times in my life. 

Moving day is March 8. Our stuff will go into storage and we will take clothes and personal effects to a vacation condo in Encinitas. This is so much more simple than renting an apartment and having to outfit and furnish it. The condo is turnkey. 

Since our belongings are going into storage for five months, I can't take my houseplants, Charlie and Spike. Spike (above) has survived my neglect, plus lengthy absences and arid desert summers, for nearly thirty years. Charlie (who looks just like Spike), is younger but the person who gave it to us has since passed on and every time I water Charlie I think of our friend. I'm a little sad about leaving them behind. They could handle riding in the moving van but they wouldn't survive the five months in storage. 

Break is over, it's time to get back to work. 


  1. Wish I lived closer to take those blankets off your hands.

    The pasta machine in great for mixed media projects. I sort of regret getting rid of one (in my past).

  2. I am with you on all of the junk we accumulate. I am really mindful of that after having moved this last time.

    So very happy that the move is happening, btw. It's going to be great eventually:)

  3. Good luck with your move. Encinitas seemed like a nice place when we drove through it in January...2 nice yarn shops, too!

  4. Hi Rian! I can't even imagine packing up my house. Good luck! Did you sell your house? I think I missed some news. I really don't like this new blog reader


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