Mission Accomplished


We got a buyer for our house! Woot! J is a little stunned because …well, because it’s a buyer’s market and they made a “take it or leave it” offer. As luck would have it, a house had just come on the market that was larger for much less, and they used that as leverage.

You never know if you’ll get another offer—our house had been on the market 120 days without a nibble, and some houses on our street have been on the market over a year. Agents and buyers alike know this.

Miffed tho we are, we consider ourselves lucky because the market here is cooling and people are bargain-hunting. A large percentage of potential buyers are Canadian, and Canada’s dollar has lost something like 10% of its value against the US dollar in the last month, which pretty much sucked the life out of our target market. The US economy is a little shaky right now, too.


The good news is, we are pretty sure (knock on wood) these buyers will not back out. They asked for a 30 day escrow and they spent taking pictures and getting quotes to have the cabinets painted.

Which means we only have 30 days to get out of here! Yikes! I’d better get busy, I have a gazillion things to do! Life just kicked into high gear. But it’s all good!

Thanks for all your good thoughts, prayers, and crossed fingers. It worked! The night before we got the offer our agent at the coast emailed to say that he had an in with the real estate gods and would put in a good word.


  1. Fantastic news for you. We had friends at PGA West (Weiskopf) who could not sell quickly either. They finally accepted an offer from Canadian's, $25,000 below asking and they had already lowered their price. Home was in beautiful condition and they wanted the furniture as well. They took it. They have never been able to sell their membership and had to keep paying for quite awhile. I think they finally do not have to make anymore monthly payments. They downsized to a much smaller home at Del Webb off Washington and they love it. She is golfing there as well and is involved in many groups. Bought a house in Big Bear with their daughter and her DH. At least they can get out of the heat.

    The Canadian's who bought their house will come down twice a year for 2 weeks and not rent it out. Much younger couple with lots of $$$.

    I think you will be very happy in your new home. Now you will have to find an apt. or condo to stay in for awhile.

    We need to do lunch again before you leave - Sundays are best for me.

    Thrilled for the two of you. But, I will also miss you!


  2. Congratulations on selling your home Rian, it's a big step toward your new home.

  3. Let the moving begin !! I'm so happy for you…..but not happy enough to come and pack up the boxes.

  4. Hurrah! What great news! I guess you're going to be a bit busy, eh? We woke up to snow today; at least you don't have to mess with that.

  5. Hooray! With the unpredicatable market, you guys were very fortunate to have your home sold rather quickly! It looks like you guys are moving as per your latest post, so good luck on that too!
    Marjorie Mckay @ RealEstateAdvocates.ca


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