Little Boxes

Little boxes, little boxes, there's a green one and a yellow one...

We are almost done. We will cook here until Monday and then I'll pack up the last of the kitchenware. After that it's frozen dinners or dinners out. 

Behold, the studio, all boxed up. We're actually a little ahead of schedule. But we have other stuff to do (like playing in a golf tournament and going to the new digs for a design session), and we need to rest. We're tired. I tried some of that 5-Hour Energy--it works great! It gives you more stamina to go the distance and finish the job. But when you finally sit down you don't ever want to get up. It bears mentioning we're sleeping great. Because we're exhausted. I was so tired Tuesday I quit playing golf after nine holes. I have never done that before, but I just didn't have it in me.

The movers come Saturday, March 8. The new owners want to come Friday, the day before the movers and three days before escrow closes, to check things out. We are very disturbed about this--it's just one more jab by the wicked witch buyer's agent. We are selling the place partially furnished (we will have no room for the pieces anyway) and the agent said they want to make sure we don't take the furniture that we promised to leave. Oh for crying out loud. When we balked at this insult the agent backpedaled and said, "They just want you to show them how to use the pool equipment." Yeah, right--the pool boy could show them that. I guess there is nothing we can do to stop them. But it really leaves a bad taste in our mouths. I've never heard of such a thing. I can't wait to get all this behind us. Twelve more days. 

I hope they don't notice where the touch-up paint doesn't exactly match. It matches perfectly color-wise, but it's a teensy bit more matte, and when you look at it from an angle it's obvious. The sheen is different. The touch-up paint dried up in the 120-degree hot garage years ago, and it was difficult to match. Different paint companies have their own sheen range and I don't know what brand of paint is on the walls. Oh well--I did my best. I got the color right.

That's all the news. We're doing fine, and we're really looking forward to living at the beach for five months--it will be like a long holiday. We keep saying we think this way is easier, because when you move once, you're already exhausted from packing when the moving van arrives at the new house. In this case we'll be well rested. And I have to say, I am so glad I will not have to endure another summer in the desert. I never got used to it. But the climate helped J get over his mysterious illness, so it was worth it. 


  1. You're almost home free, so hang in there! Hugs!

  2. Good job! Enjoy your rest and enjoy the beach. All of us look forward to pics of a new golf course and new scenery in Orange County. xoxo, M--the sister living with a teenager and there is never any rest.

  3. Yea, that mysterious illness was mysterious.

  4. It's exhausting! But you are almost there. Just a little more. Where is the new home again? I'll Google it to check the location (me being oh so familiar with So Cal:))

  5. Home close.

    Aren't last-minute walk-throughs pretty normal (at least in California)? We did them when we bought our homes. As sellers, we knew they were coming.

    I don't blame you for being nervous with your buyers, though, if they're being difficult.

    Keep hanging in. :)

  6. I sympathize about all the packing! I'm packing up, too, and it just goes on and on and I'm not a hoarder. Just the stuff for all the aspects of our day to day lives. Really, I guess we should be glad that we have the resources to have so many aspects of our lives. Anyway, as my sweet husband keeps saying, "It'll all work out!


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