In the Eye of the Storm

That’s where we are. It’s as if our house just dropped out of the sky and landed on the wicked witch of the west. I wish it would land on the wicked witch…the buyer’s agent is a pit bull with lipstick and is causing all kinds of trouble for us. More on that later.

I went golfing with Janice, of throws-clubs-in-anger fame (she did not disappoint), at the Palmer Private at PGA West. That is one tough course! We wanted to get in a practice round before we play in a member-guest tournament there in March. At least I think so—she’s tough to play with. The back nine is nestled up against rocky mountains and the Bighorn sheep who live there come down for a fresh green snack from time to time.

The two females aren’t quite as brave and scampered up on the rocks when we got close.DSCF1247
Let’s see, what has transpired since my last post. Well, we are in escrow, and as I said up top, the buyer’s agent is a real corker—she is steamrolling through our world and making our lives unnecessarily difficult. I told Agent Joan, one more transgression and I am calling it quits. We’ll call her broker and file a complaint and put the house back on the market.

It’s not the buyers themselves, I think they’re probably oblivious, but their agent oversteps her boundaries and tells lie after lie to get what she wants (and more than she deserves). She's awful! I could strangle her. The complaint list is long, but, for example, she’s insisting we have our swimming pool converted from chlorine to salt-water. At great expense, I might add.

Obviously we are not going to do it, but we have spent so much of the precious little time (30 days) we have left dealing with it, it’s criminal. But she’s persisting! I finally said she can go to hell, I’m not doing another thing, which, at the end of the day, holds absolutely no water because she holds the trump cards. I knew with Retrograde Mercury there would be problems!

images We went out for Valentine’s Day—had we known we would be in such a state we might have stayed in and watched House of Cards, but we had bought tickets. We went to an early dinner at 3rd Corner Bistro (actually happy hour—we’re not doing early birds just yet) and then to see a Spanish guitarist.
He was good. Not brilliant, but good. He’s not Spanish, but from Southern California. Looks a little like Keith Urban. He played contemporary music (e.g. Hotel California, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC) with his own twist. None of the music he played was his own. And I found the ersatz flamenco dancers to be annoying distractions. Other than that, he was good. 
I finally got a new phone (yay!) and I took my very first selfie while waiting for the show to start. Debra, you are right—I need practice! It was the 30th anniversary of our engagement. I’m saying, “how’s this damn thing work” when it clicked. Good enough.

On to other things. In addition to jumping at the whims of the Agent from Hell we have been interviewing moving companies, finding a place to rent for five months while our new house is being built, signing more documents than you can imagine—on both houses, finalizing some of the options on the new house, and trying to pack. As luck would have it, both our vehicles are acting up. J’s leaks oil, and the tail lights don’t work on my SUV since I had a flat tire last week (!) and we don’t have a minute to spare to take them in for service. Thank you, retrograde Mercury. Mercury goes forward on February 28, but until then it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Poor J is stressed to the max. Life is NOT BORING! We do not regret making the choice to chase our dream. Not for a minute. We remain quite steadfast in our pursuit. 

Well I’ve enjoyed prattling on with my second cup of coffee, but there is a lot of work to do.


  1. Yikes! I thought that was the name of the Real Estate company. LOL Hope this week goes better and the icky agent relents.

  2. I think I've worked with that agent,
    is her last name de Vil?
    Good luck with her and everything else.

  3. If it was easy, everyone would do it!

    Like how the guy in the back is photo bombing your selfie!!

    Keep on keeping on!

  4. Hee! I noticed the photobombing guy too. It's never the Paul Newman type, is it?

    Sorry about all the stress involved. Moving is so, so difficult.

    LOVE the pics of the Bighorn sheep! They're beautiful.

  5. She must be a total pain in the A**. The stress would drive me up the wall. 30 days will be over before you know it. Will you be staying here until the house is finished or move in over that way?

    I hate that you are having to go thru all this. Keep the chin up!


  6. As a last resort you can click your heels and make a wish and pretend you're Dorothy and need to get out of OZ. I know you won't quit anything, so I'm sending good wishes for a good week.
    xoxo, Your Middle Sister

  7. Thinking of you,Rian, hope things smooth out for you soon. All the best.


  8. Well, I am finally caught up on your bloodspot. So glad you have weathered the storm of the raging pitbull with lipstick, now that the escrow has closed and your new home has started construction.

    I read about retrograde Mercury from your link. I was in a serious throw back about 2 weeks before it was to start. A flow of emotions from the past- 30 years prior, and, how, I was starting my career and how I feel I am closing my career, and, preparing for retirement. It was about where I was in Akron and the roots of my being. Thanks for the insight!


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