Winter Golf in the Desert

It’s truly glorious. I suppose it’s cruel of me to mention it when most of the country is experiencing Polar Vortex, but golf season has started and I am getting back to playing regularly again.


Actually golf season officially started around Thanksgiving, but I was sick and then there were the holidays. But I’m back now. And boy am I rusty! I haven’t played since August and my scores really show it. Look for the handicap to go up, up, up. But it comes back down. (We hope.)

You might think it’s delightful to be able to play golf in the winter—it is, but I’m here to tell you it’s freaking COLD when we tee it up at 7:00 AM. We wear layers upon layers upon layers, and it’s hard to swing the club when you are clad like a kid in a snowsuit. The sun is hot but the air is cold, so if you’re in the shade you’re cold. It’s weird. Jacket on, jacket off. Jacket on, jacket off.

We have already begun designing and personalizing our new house. They do things differently today when you buy a brand-new nest in California.

There are literally thousands of options and choices—it goes way beyond choosing flooring. It’s good because you get exactly what you want and you don’t have to pay for extras you don’t want. Like, for example, I opted not to have a sink in the laundry room because I don’t use one and I’d rather have the counter space. But it’s bad because every little thing costs extra and it really adds up. 


In addition to choosing a style of light fixtures, you can get a wiring package (above) so you can monitor and control security, lighting, temperature etc. from anywhere via the internet or your smart phone. You can adjust each room to a pre-set “scene” with just the right lighting and music. We passed—we can handle flipping a switch in real time. But some people might go bananas for this. Incidentally, it costs $1,400.

The design studio has provided a link to their virtual design studio and we can view every single item and save a wish list in advance of the session. It’s going to take a while to muddle through all the choices, but what a great way to go. The fun part begins!


  1. Always love your golf course pics….So nice to see grass right now.

    Ooooh fun with the new house. That would be a real advantage to be able to pick and choose.

  2. I would prefer to just move in to a finished house !! This picking knobs and lighting and rearranging kitchen space is just a bit intimidating for me. I was pretty definite on the flooring (dark wood), the fireplace (contemporary) and kitchen cabinatry but otherwise, I was pretty happy to go with their choices. And they started on the foundation yesterday....yippee. So glad I can have a partner in angst as we go thru the process. And, tell me to get out to the driving range before I forget how to play.


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