Same Stuff Different Week

I put that title so you'd know straight up that there was no real news.

They are playing the Humana Challenge here at PGA West this week. This event used to be called The Bob Hope Classic, but ol' Bob passed away and now Bill Clinton and his Clinton Foundation has taken it over, but it's not the same.

It used to be for fun and charity, and we'd get real star power out here. The major players of the day would all come to play, and celebrity golfers like Bill Murray, Alice Cooper, heck even Smokey Robinson, who is a very decent golfer. We watched him play a few years ago.

Now that the Clinton Foundation has taken it over it's all about promoting awareness about health and fitness, and it is sponsored by a health insurance company. And health insurance has been getting some not-so-great press lately. Anyway, it's not the fun romp it used to be. Above we have Gary Player and Bill Clinton. He (Bill) played the first year, but now he's only a spokesperson. Just between you and me, he's not a great golfer.

Did I tell you I met Gary Player? Shook his hand and talked to him for a while. What a peach of a guy. We ran into him (and Jack Nicklaus) coming out of a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia last year.

Incidentally, all the golf nobility is playing over in Dubai this week. For whatever reason, they're not playing here.

Meanwhile, on the home front, no news. We aren't having an open house this week because of the golf tournament, but we are having a showing today so we still have to be spiffed up and shiny. I spackled and painted all the nicks and nail holes--took me several tries to match the paint but I got it, and I polished up the cabinetry. I hope we get an offer soon so J can breathe again. He's on the verge of apoplexy.

The weather has been glorious (80s) and I've been getting back into golf. Man, it's great just to be out there.


  1. Interesting how the tournament changed once it was not Bob Hopes.

    Glad you are getting out to golf again and hope hope hope that looker was the one.


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