Nibble Nibble Little Mouse

Won't you come and buy my house? You stinkin' louse...

Pardon while I grouse.

Hi! Happy Monday! It's a beautiful day out here in the desert, the sun is shining and temperatures are nice. We had a very productive weekend--actually, we're worn out. We had an open house on Saturday, and while that was taking place, we went to the cinema and saw American Hustle.

By now you know it won the Golden Globe for Best Picture in the comedy/musical category. Comedy? Maybe. There were some chuckles in the film. Most notably the hair. The men's hair. Christian Bale's elaborate comb-over and Bradley Cooper's home perm job were funny. Best picture? Maybe not.

Our agent said hoards of people tromped through our [open] house Saturday. Hoards! We did get some callbacks and one couple came on Sunday despite the fact we had just gotten home and were putting away groceries. They said "within the hour" and showed up eight minutes later. Sheesh, people! But at least they showed up.

By now (90 days but who's counting) we're getting weary of looky-loos and their shenanigans. Last week we spent an hour sitting in our car down the street and they didn't come. Okay, so I got to finish the Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle and J got to read the paper. But still. How rude. We busted our butts to get the house in order and open it up for them. And not even a phone call to say oops, sorry. That actually happened twice last week.

But we may have had a nibble. At least I think we might have. They called back on Sunday to ask about golf. I explained everything to our agent, who called their agent and relayed the information.

Then our agent never heard from them again. But maybe today. You never know. We can't give up now, so we mize well stay optimistic.

Meanwhile I have been "trying" to do some touch-up painting. Naturally the paint dried up years ago in the 120°+ temperatures and trying to match it is a never-ending puzzle...there is yet another trip to the paint store in my future. And I spiffed up the cabinets--the former residents did not have knobs on the cabinets (that was dumb) and the cabinets at the sink looked shabby. However, they might look a little worse since I "fixed" em...

I have a hunch--I think the snowbirds won't have a sense of urgency about buying a place until maybe the end of January, maybe even mid-February. They are already ensconced in their rentals until April/May, so what's the rush. Then there were the holidays. Now it's January, just about mid-season, they have a pretty good idea about what's out there, and if they're going to close escrow before they leave (not that they have to), it's time to start thinking about narrowing down the choices. Traffic has increased exponentially since January 1. So I'm thinking, "pretty soon."

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Pretty soon--such a relative idea!

    and there is probably a video on the real estate website too--I always wonder if those help or hinder sales.

  2. I hope your buyer comes soon because it's no fun with open houses, looky loos, and clients that don't show up for appointments. It took us 18 months to sell the Jacana house, and we were green with envy you were able to sell your Jacana house so quickly. I got so tired of staging that house daily for 18 full months that sometimes I felt like tearing my hair out. Even the buried saint didn't help out. I'll have good thoughts you will sell *soon*.

  3. Your experience sounds about right. It takes a while to sell a house (especially in CA) these days. If it's priced correctly, it'll sell.

    We have friends who couldn't sell their house for two years until they FINALLY caved and lowered the price. The wife's a former realtor who flatly refused to believe that 2005 prices weren't coming back.

    Good luck and mojo and all that. :)

  4. It is going to happen……it is just that you always have to go through the lookers first….and try to remember that one of them will be the one.

    The ones that do not show……really irritating.

  5. Hope you get the perfect buyer this long weekend!


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