Change of Luck?


We bought the new house. A little sooner than we were expecting, but when Agent Lisa called on New Year's Eve and said, "It's now or never, we have one house left and you are next up on the list. You want it?" Are you kidding? I was on the golf course at the time, but I said we'd get back to her later. So, on New Year's Eve, around 4:30 PM, we took the plunge. Talk about the eleventh hour!

We didn't tell a soul lest we jinx it, and we went to our New Year's Eve party with our friends and had a rip-roarin' time ringing in the new year.

We knew we had a little time to catch our breath--because until we signed anything and gave them a deposit we could bail, plus there was a holiday in the mix giving us an extra day to wrap our heads around it. We signed the papers Saturday, so now I can tell you. We not only got the last house, we got the style we wanted and the street we wanted. Unbelievable. Agent Lisa said, "Do you have any idea how lucky you are? There are a hundred people waiting behind you."

This is an artist's rendering--our house is a dirt lot--but it will look like this. It's a simple little house, but it's got everything we want, and it sits on a hillside with a view of the rolling hills beyond. It's about five or six miles inland from the Pacific, so the climate is perfect. It's so much fun to put a brand new house together, we're really looking forward to the process. 

What's the catch? Yes, there's a catch, we can't exhale just yet. We haven't sold our desert house yet. And if we don't, it's bye-bye Casa Dream house. But I'm not too scared yet--we lowered our price and we are getting a whole lot of activity--people are out looking in droves. So far they're just lookers, but buyers start out as lookers, and it only takes one.

Now I need to go spruce up the joint (again!) because we have more lookers coming tomorrow morning and I'll be golfing. 


  1. When you two are determined, ain't no stoppin' ya!
    Bring on some buyers!

  2. Printed your photo for Judy. I'm so happy for you. Are you on Palomino Drive?

  3. Rian! I am so excited for you. Love the new house…little and simple is the way to go trust me. I know it is your time and a buyer is just around the corner. it will happen…..Hoorah!

  4. Yippee! That house is a cutie for sure.

    I know everything will work out. IT HAS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What an adorable house, wishing you the best of luck with the sale of your present home.

    Love the pic of you and Jim, so happy and healthy.

    I also enjoyed the pics and story of your Asian trip.

    : ) Annie

  6. You two clean up really well.....very cute pic. I am so excited for you and glad it is all coming together...The housing market is definitely moving and you will be on your way soonly.
    AND, when you decorate that new abode....would you just do everything in double. You have great taste and I really don't want to think about it.....granted, the styles might be different (western Colorado vs. Southern California) but you can do it !! Happy, happy for you !!!

  7. WooHoo!!!! What a cliffhanger!!!! I AM THRILLED FOR YOU!!!! I just know your desert house is going to sell! I am putting all my woo woo ju ju of Pluto squaring Uranus behind it ;-). And I just adore this picture of you and Jim! Hope to see you somewhere along the way in 2014. And a Happy New Year to ya!!!! Xxx

  8. Great! It's in Carlsbad, right? We just got back from that area. Our nephew lives in San Marcos and works in Carlsbad. We really enjoyed the sun, but WOW, the traffic is nuts. Hope your desert house sells real fast!


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