Thursday, June 6

Going North

Waaaaaay North.

We've been to the bottom of the world, now we're going to the top.

You must think us crazy to want to go to such far outreaches of our planet. You'd be correct.

But a lot of the places we really want to visit, well, it's even crazier to go there. Take Egypt, for example. We've always wanted to see the pyramids. We've tried, but every time we make arrangements they have an uprising or something. Israel doesn't look too good these days, either. We were going to look danger squarely in the face and just do it, but....maybe not.

But we did book Myanmar and Cambodia in November. We're going!

There are so many wonderful places to see and discover on our home planet. You can look at Google Images all day long, but it is nothing like being there in 360°.

If you follow along with me, as I blog from the road (or sea as it were), together we can discover what is up there.

We'll visit Ireland, Northern Ireland, Shetland Islands, Scotland, a bunch of places in Norway, and a tiny outpost in way-north Russia. We'll be gone about 35 days. Meanwhile we are busy shopping, organizing, and packing. While golf season is just getting underway for most of the country, it is over for me...for a while. My clubs are clean and stored in the guest room. Temperatures are routinely getting to 100+ degrees. Nights are glorious for star-gazing, though.

I'll blog when I can. I hope you'll come along.