Saturday, May 25


I am not in Copenhagen. I have been sorting through my photos because I am making a picture book of places I've photographed over the years. 

You probably know that the above statue is The Little Mermaid, one of the most recognizable statues in Copenhagen, if not the world. She's a tiny thing, less than 5 feet tall from crown to fishtail. 

Here's another one in Copenhagen. It's massive, and this is only the top. It's the Gefion Fountain. According to legend, Swedish king Gylfi promised the Norse Goddess Gefion that he would give her all the property that she could plow in one night. So she turned her four sons into oxen, and man did she plow! 

This is a human statue in Helsinki. If you put money in his box, he would bow, take your picture with his camera, open up the back and give you a tiny photograph on blue paper. In Europe, street performers are everywhere.

The King. Memphis. 

Okay, class dismissed. Things have been slow around my planet and there's little to blog about. The biggest news is that it was cool enough to sleep with the windows open last night and get in a walk this morning. Whoop! I have been playing mucho golf and we are getting our travel gear ready for the next trip in a few weeks. We'll visit Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and some other remote places in the far north. 

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Summer is officially ON!

Saturday, May 11

Happy Mother’s Day



This picture was [obviously] taken with my crapshoot camera on the golf course the other day. It was such a stunning flower and the cactus was a beautiful, pink color. Oh well. Even with a good camera it’s challenging to get a decent photo when it presents itself because you’re always hurrying—you must keep up the pace and be ready when it’s your turn. There is no time to fool around.

We desert dwellers are savoring the last of the spring weather—it will start heating up soon. Afternoons are getting toasty, but mornings are still cool enough for a walk if we can get our butts in gear early enough. I’ve been trying.

Forty five years ago, on Mother’s Day, I brought this guy home from the hospital. He was a big boy even then. As all new mothers know, it’s overwhelming, frightening and wonderful, all at the same time.


When I think back on how young I was then—I knew nothing about life, but I thought I did. I thought I was all grown up. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I still do.

Andrew is a firefighter in Akron and is raising two lovely daughters. He coaches the girl's soccer team. When he retires he wants to buy a sailboat and sail around the world.

On the other side of my family tree, my mother left this earth 32 years ago, when she was the age I am now. That is way too young. She had recently retired and was actualizing her dream of an astrology center where people could take classes, buy books, and discuss charts. She was an accomplished astrologer. She opened the center on Halloween and died 19 days later. She passed to me her zest for life and a sunny outlook.


I miss you every day, Mom.  I hope you’re winning all the bridge hands and playing beautiful golf courses.

Monday, May 6

Miz Libby

I got a surprise phone call from the one and only Libby Fife Saturday. She was in town so I met up with her in Palm Springs. Sadly, in my haste, I forgot my camera. We had a lovely visit and I met her charming husband Rich. Libby, you must come back and let me cook for you! (And take your picture!) It is so fun to meet cyberfriends--you bond with them instantly.

In other news, we had a spot of weather roll through on Sunday, and it was cold and blustery. Well, cold being a relative term, I think it only got up to 85 (it was 98 the day before).

One of my golf pals invited me to play Escena in Palm Springs. She signed up for the summer hot deals membership, so we were able to play for $40. Forty-dollar golf is a HUGE deal in the Land of Spendy Golf! Especially a course as nice as this one. 

Here are a couple of photos of Escena that I took with my “crapshoot” camera today. You can’t see, so you point it in the general direction, shoot, and get crap. But it lives in my golf bag and don’t care if it gets roont.


It’s such a pretty course…so it’s a shame the pictures are so crappy. I even cropped and enhanced them, too. DSCF1183

You can see the weather. It was pretty darned windy. This is San Jacinto.DSCF1184

The red stakes indicate the kind of water hazard this is. Sometimes the hazard can be yellow. That’s all you need to know. DSCF1185

I posted a 101. I was pretty excited about my 47 on the front nine, but I blew chunks on the back nine. The club prez at Indian Springs talked me into playing with them on an occasional basis next year, which I feel good about because I do want to keep the friendships I have made there. So it was a great day all around.

Thursday, May 2

Random Shots

From our trip through the South. I often wander around and just snap photos. I might get ten good ones out of a hundred. Here are some I like.IMG_8903






Below is Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House in tiny Lynchburg, Tennessee. We ate family style, with generations-old recipes like fried okra, collard greens with vinegar, and corn relish. Everything was delicious. And heavily spiked with Jack Daniel’s.IMG_8926

They feature a different menu for each day of the week. We were fortunate to have the amazing Chicken with Pastry. I photographed this recipe as it was framed on the wall. It is a magazine clipping and there are recipes to be found online, so I’m pretty confident it is okay to share it. Now you can have the recipe too.


By the way, Miss Mary ALWAYS used lard in her pastry and she lived to be somewhere around 100 years old.

Thanks for looking at my photos.