Thursday, March 28

Still On Planet

I haven’t dropped off. There just hasn’t been a lot to ramble on about, and there is not much of interest here today. But I miss my blog, so I write. 

I haven’t even been playing golf. Once I decided I wasn’t going to renew my membership with my regular course, I lost interest in playing there. Both courses are having their club championships now and I don’t care to participate. Instead of playing I’ll spend my golf budget on some lessons. I could use a tune-up.

It is amazing how many calories a round of golf eats up! I don’t know the exact number, but I can really tell the difference in how my clothes fit in just a two weeks of sitting on my can instead of playing 4.5 hours of sport 4 to 6 times. Note to self: Eat less.

I hate eating less.

It’s the season for houseguests. My sister and her family came for a few days, and a friend-of-a-friend we went to Alaska with came last week. Next week our like-a-daughter Holly is coming. It’s also the season for art festivals, so we have places to take people.

Weather has been unseasonably hot. When my sister was here it was 99.9 degrees and cooking on the 400-degree plus BBQ grill was seriously not fun. Neither was the zoo. It is cooler now—cool being a relative term—but it’s still pushing 90.

We have been looking at properties at the beach. Well, not really AT the beach, but in the general vicinity where summer temps rarely get over 85. We went over today to look at several properties that looked great on paper. We both feel the trip was worthwhile, even though we realize we probably need to increase our budget. There is not much in Oceanside/Carlsbad that is newer than 1975, and there is not much in our price range that we love.


This is the view looking east toward the San Bernardino Mountains and the Moreno Valley on the way home today. Rain is in the forecast this weekend.

I hope everyone has a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter. Oops, sorry, I forgot—like Christmas, Easter is no longer politically correct. It’s Spring Holiday, not Easter. Happy Easter anyway, screw those nut-balls. I hope you get to see your family and share a meal together. That’s what’s really important, after all.

Saturday, March 16

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

My week started with a migraine and ended with a migraine. I’d hate to think my new glasses that cost several hundred dollars are causing them, but every time I wear them…well, I’ve had way too many migraines lately. Way.

I played a lot of golf. I played 6 out of 11 days (twice with a migraine but I can’t exactly call in sick). I finally said enough golf! If you can believe that. But it’s true.


My sister came to visit. I love to see my sister, but she brings family. This time it was her 14 year old granddaughter and boyfriend, age 16. Way too young to be doing…well, you know.


I laid down the law up front and said, “no hanky-panky in my house,” but that girl pushed the envelope every waking moment! I predict….well, I won’t say what, but when it happens I’ll say I told you so. And with a teenager there is all that drama and egocentric self-absorption. So tedious.

Speaking of teenagers, here is my 15 year-old granddaughter. She is going to her spring formal tonight. She’s lovely and sweet. But I’m not biased, oh no.


Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, here is a photo of yours truly. But I have to be honest and say this photo was NOT taken in Ireland, it was taken in New Zealand, and it was NOT St. Patty’s Day but just an ordinary day, and it was taken about a dozen years ago. But I happened across it recently.


Friday, March 8

Another Week Flies By

I swear, as I get older time disappears faster and faster.

I’ve been playing a lot of golf. This is not me in the photo but I was in this very sand trap yesterday.


This is my home course, Indian Springs (above). Notice how just the fairways are green. It’s like that in winter (which is when we play) when the Bermuda dies off and the groundskeepers cheap out and only seed the fairways with lush Winter Rye. Well, I hate the brown stuff. It’s not only ugly, it’s not fun to hit from.


Here is the other course I play, Palm Desert CC (above). No dead stuff. They have a new head groundskeeper and the course is in tip-top shape.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about deciding to leave Indian Springs. Yesterday I made the decision to leave. My term as secretary will end with the season.

The deciding factor was this: I joined a club to make friends, and it’s not easy when the pack is small and tightly knit. They have known each other for many years and I don’t have the history with them. Palm Desert is a large club and fairly new, it opened last year.

Today is cold, rainy, and blustery. A good day to make soup! I have family coming in a few day so I have prep to do.

Monday, March 4

LA Weekend

We went to see our friends Cheryl and Alan, who live in Los Angeles, to play some golf and see the Bolder Fresher show.

You might think, “Nobody lives IN Los Angeles.” They might live in the sprawling soup that is the Los Angeles Basin and comprises many, many communities, but no one actually lives there. Well, Cheryl and Alan do. Their address says Los Angeles.

We golfed at Santa Anita Friday. Lordy was it hot. There was a mild Santa Ana going on and temperatures soared into the 80s.


It was a beautiful, clear day. Santa Anita has wide, tree-lined fairways. I found the course to be very challenging with it’s hills and unpredictable lies. Cheryl and I tied with a pair of 115s.


The next day we played Griffith Park. This is the clubhouse at the end of the long, par-5 #18. By the time we got to the end of the round the Santa Ana had broken down and it was getting cool. I beat Cheryl by 3 strokes.


We went to the Nokia Theater at Staples Center to see Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller do their Bolder Fresher Tour. That is one HUGE theater! It seats over 7,000. The Lakers play at the Staples Center Arena (the round building) next door.


On the way we stopped in at Roy’s downtown for happy hour yummies. I couldn’t find a picture of the fantastic UBI Rolls that we scarfed. Those quasi-sushi shrimp and rice rolls are in my head. They are calling me.


The Bolder Fresher show was very good and we enjoyed it. Dennis Miller had us rolling on the floor. He is just naturally funny. Bill O’Reilly is not really a funny man, comedy is not his schtick, but he was entertaining even though his material needs updating. Seriously.


I got glasses last week, which triggered a migraine, so I had a vicious headache most of the time, but it’s great to be able to see without double vision. But I am still grappling with #$%# headaches.

Well, I have to close now—I need to get dressed because the window washers are coming any moment.