Merry Christmas 2013

HO HO HO! I hope your season is merry and bright. Thank you for your friendship and hanging out with me over the years. You mean a lot to me.

I came across this photo from a few years ago and decided to post it. Riley is with the angels now. Our tree is dark this year but we have a lot of decorations around the house and it's festive.

I visited Facebook this morning and it seems like the speed and ease of smart phones and social media have surpassed old-fashioned blogging. I still enjoy the process of writing to the ol' blog, just for the simple joy of doing it. Gosh, times have changed. Remember memes? And badges? Maybe you still have them. Once they took my blog reader away I stopped visiting blogs. I'm bad.

Today is Christmas across the world, and I hope every child is happy. There have been so many ads with sick and starving children (and animals) on's heartbreaking.

We will celebrate Christmas two days after the fact when the kids come in. It doesn't matter to me what day it is and it makes their busy lives easier.

I got Netflix hooked up--it wasn't easy, but after much sweating and swearing the two wireless thingies finally shook hands across the airwaves and it works seamlessly. I love it! I have a stronger internet signal and I can watch MY kind of stuff in the bedroom when Jim's basketball and football games are on. Yesterday I watched a biopic about Nilsson. What a voice.

I'm still sick and on a second round of antibiotics. Whatever I caught in Asia really leveled me. I don't feel too bad now, but I'm cautious. I'm resting as much as time will permit and I dialed down the elaborateness of the dinners. I had planned to get some golf practice in before I play a couple of rounds next week, but that just ain't gonna happen. Being sick during the holidays is a royal pain in the ass.

We are having short ribs of beef with mashed potatoes for "Christmas Eve," braised chicken breasts with a zillion cloves of garlic for "Christmas Dinner," and, for a dinner party with friends on the 29th, Pork roast with brown and wild rice and spinach salad. Simple stuff that pretty much cooks itself with a timer.

I called our agent and told her to lower the price on the house. The curtain goes up for our encore open house on Saturday, January 4. Maybe the new year will bring new energy to our endeavor. I hope so. I know you are all keeping your fingers crossed for us.

I wish you the best of holidays and a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2014! With love.


  1. Hey, Rian -- long time since I've commented, but I still follow your blog. I've given mine up, mostly, since Facebook took over all our lives!

    Had a nasty bug, like you, that I caught here in Australia..not fun and hung around for 3 weeks plus...yuck!

    Also like you, our place here has been for sale for 19 months now...sigh.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2014. And that you finally shake this dratted bug!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Take heart. I think Christmas is a hard time of year to the sell a house. Just watch after the New Year. Bingo!

    Everything is sounding good. I laughed about hooking up Netflix. We have a similar arrangement at our house:)

    Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy Jim and your family:)

  3. Merry Christmas (See I/m not late since you are celebrating this weekend) Hang in there, all will get better with a shiney new year!

  4. Merry Christmas Rian whenever you have it.

    Do not give up your blog…I still read it and just like bloggin no matter how many viewers I have. It is like my journal in a lot of ways and FB does not allow you to make new friends like we all did when we did our monthly challenges.

  5. Hi Rian,
    I'm sorry that you are still sick. Better be careful what you post or the next thing you know the CDC will be knocking on your door lol. I love that picture of Riley. I got the Feedly Reader.. it's okay, but I still think I am missing alot. Oh well, I have a few under my 'daily' heading (yours) so I never miss when they post, but the rest are hit and miss. Still don't understand why google would chuck their reader which was far superior to any of the others I have used. Oh well.. more time to do something else I guess. Take care. I hope that you will have good luck selling your house!!


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