Myanmar #4

And still a lot more to come!

We flew to Shan State, an area rich in agriculture. I barely got my camera out of my bag in time for this shot out of the plane window as we landed.


Tomorrow would be market day and we saw many people bringing in their goods to sell. Some of these photos were shot through the windshield of the bus.



As we threaded our way through the street market, the photo ops were beyond belief. So were the smells.






Thanks for coming!


Irene said…
I see a quilt in that first picture. What amazing colours!
Debra Spincic said…
In Indonesia when you pulled out a camera, they wanted you to pay them for a photograph. "Money, money Mister!" (standard wordings even to women)
I cannot get over the colors in the aerial shot or in the market.
Gorgeous….I love the older lady with the turban.
Libby Fife said…
The colors are gorgeous. I bet this is a big day for these people-important. The smells are bad or good?
Judy S. said…
Looks like such a colorful place! That first photo is especially beautiful, and like someone already said, perfect for a quilt.
jenclair said…
You always have such beautiful photographs of your travels!