Myanmar #1

First, a tiny history of Myanmar: There were Mongol invasions, civil wars, British colonization followed by independence in 1948 followed by military dictatorship until 2011, when Burma finally became its own nation. Suffice to say Myanmar has a whole lot of catching up to do to get in step with the rest of the world.

Buddhist monks are everywhere—we saw hundreds, perhaps thousands. Twice a day they march barefoot to the monastery with their meal, which has been cooked and given to them by people in the village. IMG_0164

The black bowls contain rice. Sometimes a piece of fruit is given, or a sweet treat. IMG_0185

After the prayer, it’s time to dig in. IMG_0182

We saw this play out in cities and in tiny villages every day.IMG_0319

The kids in white are novices. IMG_0324

The ones in pink are nuns. Girls.


These two nuns are collecting food donations from the market vendors. IMG_0257

These nuns are given a meal at a sidewalk restaurant. IMG_0603

The monasteries and convents are completely supported by the people. These gifts will be donated at the next full moon festival, which takes place every month. IMG_0423

Come back soon because I have much more to show you!


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