Road Trip

We took a little sashay up to the central coast to visit some friends and get away from our house, which is on the market. When you drive north on the 101 out of Santa Barbara, you come to this tunnel. You may remember Benjamin driving his MGB through this tunnel in The Graduate.


The road turns north at the tunnel and the topography changes from flat coastal to rolling hills. This is my favorite spot.


This stretch just makes me swoon. We are nearing Buellton. I couldn’t help feeling a little regret for moving away.


Our first stop was to see Kay and Ron. The weather was perfectly gorgeous and a beach bonfire was in order.


We had the whole beach to ourselves.


Ron cooked burgers over the fire as the sun was dipping below the horizon.


The fire mesmerized us. We drank wine and talked long into the dark.


The next day we continued our sojourn. We traveled way out a deserted single-lane road to visit Ed and Deb.


We have known Ed and Deb for 30 years. They have a beautiful spread in the hills east of Cambria and they are making their own wine now. They are building a guest house…oh boy, can’t wait!


They have three Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Lovely dogs. This is Strider.


Strider’s ridge. It’s fun to play with.IMG_0112

More fun to come.


  1. Beautiful country! Great way to get away from a house on the market!

  2. Rian - how did the open house go over the weekend? Hope you saw lots of traffic coming through!

  3. Oh my, that blue sky looks so inviting!


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