Eucalyptus Trees


Ah, the stately Eucalyptus. So grand, so majestic. So TALL!

Have you ever seen them up close? They twist counterclockwise as they grow. Up on the central coast, they imported them from Australia in the 1800s to be used as railroad ties. They are fast growing, but the wood twists and splits and is unsuitable for building. You can’t hammer a nail into it, either.

The bark has so much character.The tree molts its bark every few years as it gets bigger, just like a snake sheds its skin.

This one (below) is in the process of growing out of its old skin.



  1. The Crepe Myrtle does the same molting routine.

  2. They are so California aren't they (even though not native to here). The bark is so colorful and expressive. We had one in the front yard when I was a kid and the roots ripped up the sidewalk. Powerful suckers! And then the smell always reminds me of summer camp.Nice shots.

  3. Great photos, Rian. I had no idea the trees twisted like that even though we had one in our yard years ago. Here the madronas shed their bark (and lots of other stuff) all year long.

  4. I had no idea they were imported for use as railroad ties! Love the twisty trunk and shedding bark.


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