Coming Out of the Closet

So to speak. I have been harboring a little secret.

One of the things we have been doing whilst in Carlsbad is house hunting. We have moved so many times in the past ten years I hesitate to admit we are going to do it again, but now I’m coming clean.

Because we found a house. More on that later.

One of the reasons we started this boondoggle in the first place was because, where we live, we are isolated. We have always lived in neighborhoods with neighbors—people. So it never occurred to us that our street in beautiful, gate-guarded PGA West would be >90% second homes. We’re all alone out there. Our next door neighbor only comes out two weeks a year at Christmas. Two weeks! Can you imagine? The guy on our other side, he comes more often, maybe four weekends a year. There was a fun couple across the street, but they moved to Long Beach. There’s nobody to play with.

We could join the club to widen our social experience, but it costs  $130,000 to join (yes, you read that right) and the monthly dues are $1,300. That is just way ridiculous and Jim doesn’t golf. It’s a golf community, after all.

So, when a new 55+ active retirement community started up nearby, we got involved. And then I said, as long as we’re going to move, I want to improve the climate factor as well (it was summer at the time). We love our house and our beautiful desert—nine months of the year. The summers kill us. There’s nobody around in the summer—and I mean nobody.

So, while we have been camped out in the little box at the beach because it’s so bloody hot at home, we have looked at a whole bunch of real estate. I bet you had no idea how rare single story houses are in Southern California. I didn’t, and I’m from here.



It’s real nice, brand new, and, at 2,300 square feet, it’s a whole lot smaller than our current home. Guess what—no guest room!

Now the trick is to get it. You don’t just buy a new house—not today. Times have changed. You have to get on a list (60 people in front of us) and when the lot is released you have to get there quickly and give them $25,000 (nonrefundable), and THEN you can buy it when it’s built. Which means our stars have to align perfectly. These have sold FAST! We should have come a month ago when it first opened.


I think you can click this photo to biggen it. It’s got very little yard, which is a plus for us. And a view of the rolling hills beyond. What we like is it’s in a community for seniors. With social clubs and a clubhouse (with all the amenities you’d expect) that is included in the fees. Cross your fingers for us!

We went to Los Angeles over the weekend to Jim’s 53rd high school reunion. Why 53? Because everybody turned 70 this year. And they all have a real good time, so they have a lot of reunions. They have a very tight-knit class—it’s really amazing. Every one is very nice and friendly. Hanging out with some of the best buds of your life? Priceless.



  1. Good luck with your house, Ri! I'll get to see you, without needing a sis lives in Carlsbad and I get there a few times a year. The place sounds like a great fit for you....

  2. Glad you came out!

    You sure do need the right mix of people/space/activities or whatever. And sometimes that mix isn't obvious until you are in the wrong place or find a better place. Good luck with the home. Is it a lottery style deal or how does it work?

  3. Omg, swoon! I love this idea, and TOTALLY understand the isolation. We've lived here 7 years and I have never even seen the neighbor in back of me!

    Keep us posted on progress, Cbad is one of our favorite hangout places!

    (I've moved 24x so far, and prolly plan one more. We thought "this was it, but like you, the summers are killers. We'll likely head north to Prescott or Cottonwood as soon as we're finished up with work.)

  4. I thought you might be planning another move when I saw all the 'liked' houses on Facebook. This place looks gorgeous so I'll keep everything crossed for you.

  5. Love this....strange process for buying...but looks like it is well worth the trouble. So happy for you.

  6. Lots of good wishes and good luck coming your way. I know all about downsizing. We moved from 3100 sq ft AG 5400 sq ft Utah 1450 sq ft (1st house) in Santa Rosa. Month ago we moved into our "final"'s nearly 1900 sq ft and we think it's a palace compared to most recent. You can do it - you just have to get rid of lots of stuff or rent a good sized storage unit. Hope you get the house. We have nonstop flights from Santa Rosa to San Diego...!


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