We really like it here. Well not HERE in this little 700 square foot apartment below the busy-busy single guy upstairs and next to the laundry room and trash bins and eighty yards from the train tracks, but we love the community. We can walk to restaurants, shops, the beach, and the best mani-pedi $30 can buy.

I’ve been playing some golf. Getting the rusty golf joints working again—I love it so much. This is #8 (I think) at The Crossings in Carlsbad. You have to lay up and hit over the water to the green beyond. Cheryl and I both went into the water—I mean our balls did, not us. You could make that shot a million times if the water wasn’t there, but water messes with your head. 


The Crossings is the craziest course—they carved this golf course across steep canyons, up hill and down. It cost $76 million and took ten years to build. Very, very challenging. Who needs that.


Encinitas Ranch (below) on the other hand, is friendly and forgiving. Ocean views and gentle breezes. It has some elevation changes and a few challenging holes, but I liked it a lot and if I lived here it would be my home course.


Darling Daughter Michelle and GD Savannah drove down from San Clemente and we went to San Diego to watch the Padres get an ass-whupping by the San Francisco Giants. It would have been better if we won, but going to the ballpark is just plain FUN.


It’s hard to keep a five year-old occupied during a game. The camera came in handy for a while.


But then the guy selling cotton candy came by and mommy said no.



  1. I heard about the game. Down is down and being at the bottom is relative. Why couldn't the Giants be doing that sort of stuff all season???

    Loving the Carlsbad idea. Lots of golf which sounds just right for you. It's looking promising:)

  2. Yup, Carlsbad is one of my very favorite spots. We're looking for a place there for a week this winter and need ideas!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your time in Carlsbad. And, playing plenty of golf. Weather has been horrible here in the desert. Be glad you are gone.

    Our son & family live right near Encinitas Ranch - he plays golf there all the time. Cheaper rates if you are a homeowner/resident of Encinitas. You could always look for something there - lots of nice homes and condos. It is a fun town.

  4. I love Cotton Candy~
    Come on mom~and grandma,I know it's messy but what's a kid to do?
    Glad you had fun

  5. So , how long are you staying there ? Sounds wonderful, except for the golf. I think my game has become non-existent and not sure how the knee will act if I actually hit a club. But at least I'm getting in the mood and might just give it a shot. keep having fun....S

  6. And did Gramma give in? Can't believe how much all those cities north of San Diego have changed since we left the area.


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