Life’s a Beach

We’ve been on the go. There’s so much to do here! The weather is divine. Divine, I tell ya!

We went to the races. I had a pick-six that would have paid off in the hundreds but one of my horses got beat out by a nose. A NOSE! It was pretty exciting going for several races, though. Got my $2 worth for sure. 


Played some golf. Cheryl and Alan came to visit and play ponies and golf.

Stinkin’ camera. This is Pala Mesa. It’s inland quite a way and it was hot, maybe 90 degrees. Not as hot as the desert, though, and I’m used to golfing in the heat. Nice course. Challenging. I love the canyon views here.

We have been looking at houses—there are some new ones going up on a golf course. Tempting, and we’re considering it. Well, we’re open to it I mean. We like living in the desert, it’s so beautiful—nine months of the year. I’d sure love to stay home for a while. I love my house but I don’t like that I have to escape it for weeks/months at a time in summer. I’m a homebody at heart.


  1. I am all over the idea of using your house year round rather than for just a limited time. We love our area too but some days...:)

    Looks like a good time for you-all the stuff you love:)


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