Beachin’ It

We are at the beach. Carlsbad, California, to be precise. We are staying in something called a Cape Cod Casita, but for all intents and purposes it’s an apartment complex. You can hear the people upstairs. But it’s very nice and super clean, and it has been completely renovated and beautifully decorated. This photo is from their website—they’ve cleverly cropped out the other units and the parking structure.


There is a lot of traffic outside and the Coaster railroad tracks are near, but it’s got everything one needs and the bed is very comfortable.

And it has free, fast wireless internet. I have not been very active on Blogger because we have been gone a lot. And, frankly, Facebook is so much faster. Zip zip done. But I aim to get away from that and do more real blogging. There is merit in taking the time to think through stuff and write it out.

When you have the time and inclination, of course.

Here’s a photo from the cruise. Let me introduce you.

Norway Trivia Team

This is our trivia team (plus a couple of spouses). We  were undefeated and we have the t-shirts to prove it. The guy in front, Duncan, was a high school science teacher and today he operates a planetarium. On his right is Ben, who knows everything about music and theater (and he’s young enough to know the new stuff). Jim has sports nailed, and I just know obscure weird stuff—like knowing that thing you used to use to use to measure your feet is called a Brannock Device--I saved the day once with that bit of useless trivia. And so on it goes, around the table—we have a nurse, a Shakespeare nut, and a history maven. We’re all big world travelers, so we’ve got geography pat.

This picture was taken the last night of the cruise and it happened to be my birthday (the next day), so there was cake and champagne. It was a fun celebration. You meet the nicest people on cruises.

Duncan, the man in front, re-did my Africa CD/DVD for me when I told him the pictures had mysteriously disappeared from the disk and I couldn’t see them. I had tried everything, even bought a program that only recovered a third of the photos. He was very interested in this and kept after me to send him the corrupted disk because he likes solving impossible problems. Well, I did. And he made me a new disk and all the pictures are there. How happy am I.

I decided to make him a little quilt (he was very taken by my quilt pictures, as was his wife Judy, left front) as a gift to repay him. Something with stars and planets. This is good—it will get me back into the studio with a purpose. You’d think, with all my travel and photographs, I’d have a wealth of inspiration for quilting but it doesn’t work that way for me.

In other news, we have a very busy schedule! (I know—what’s new) Darling Michelle and her family have moved to California (thrilled) and we will be seeing a LOT more of them, especially while we are here at the coast. After this stint, we are going up the coast to visit a bunch of friends, we are hosting a family reunion, and we are traveling to Myanmar and Cambodia. All good stuff!


  1. Livin life fully! Way to go, Ri...

  2. Who has time for the studio when you have so much going on? Just keep in touch somehow!

  3. You sound like your life is full and stimulating--can't argue with that! The coastal apartment sounds great, I love that area.

  4. Enough already, I'm tired just reading about pending plans.....loafing at the beach is more my style...or should I say, loafing in the mtns!! I'm only a lurker on FB so you'll just have to update the blog more often so I can keep up with your charming life.

  5. Sounds like a fun spot to visit; we were in San Marcos in June and loved going to the beach. You've some fun travel in your future....again!


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