Honey, I’m Home

We are back from our trip to England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway. My blog-writer program doesn’t upload while at sea, I think because the connection is so slow it times out. Anyway, after two or three expensive tries, I gave up.

First off, we had um…undesirable (dreadful) weather most of the trip. If it wasn’t blustery, horizontal rain it was fog. So the pictures aren’t up to my exacting standards, but here goes:

England: Pea soup fog=no photos. We planned to go to Stonehenge but it was socked in, so we slept. We had the Screaming Baby from Hell going across the pond and we got no sleep. At all.

Shetland ponies on Shetland Island. These shrunk-down horses come in size small and smaller. The larger one in front comes to my waist, or about the size of a Bernese Mountain Dog. They were bred down in size so they could haul the carts out of the coal mine shafts. Today they’re mostly sold for shows or pony rides.

Next we went to Edinburgh, Scotland but guess who walked off the ship without her camera. It was raining cats and dogs anyway. So after Scotland we went to Alesund, Norway. Here’s our little ship next to a big one in the fjord. Again, raining cats and dogs. What a weird expression…

The sun came out as the ship was getting underway. This would happen almost every day.

Here’s what the north coast of North Ireland looks like.

Have you ever heard of Giant’s Causeway? I included a link if you’re curious. It’s interesting. Well, to me anyway.

From there we went to Wales. Wales is neat but the weather is awful. The sun came out as we headed back to the ship.

An interesting Celtic graveyard in Ireland. The sign said the grasses were part of a re-seeding project. Yeah, right.

In Oslo, Norway we visited a Viking boat museum.

The sun came out in the fjord as we were leaving Oslo.

Geirangerfjord. Note the sun is out. The fjords of Norway do not freeze in winter because the Gulf Stream goes all the way up to the Arctic.

North Cape, the northernmost point of the European continent. Actually it’s not, there is one a little farther north to the west. But we won’t fault them.

You will have to take my word for it that this photo was taken near midnight. It was hard to sleep with the Midnight Sun blasting all night long. Follow the link to learn more about Polar Day if you’re interested.

Honningsvaag, Norway. Brrrrrrrr. Wind. Cold. Horizontal rain.

Murmansk, Russia. Depressing. Pretty Russian Orthodox church, though.

Svalbard. And another link. We got way into the Arctic Circle, and as far north as 80 degrees latitude. We did not see a Polar Bear.

Bergan is a lovely little town. Bergen is the rainiest city in Europe and we hit it on a sunny day. It was Saturday and everyone was out enjoying.

I hope you liked my little photo collection. There’s no place like home. Especially after 32 days at sea in a very cold climate.


  1. Welcome home - great pictures. I have relatives in Scotland and England and all they have been talking about is how hot it is there. You must have just missed the good weather.

  2. Quite a trip! Ironic that you hit Bergen on a sunny day after all the rain elsewhere.

  3. Would have loved to see the sights. Would have hated the cold, wet weather. I bet you ARE glad to be back in sunny California.

  4. Welcome back! In spite of the bad weather, your pictures are still lovely.

  5. Sorry that the weather refused to cooperate, but you did manage some great pics!

  6. Welcome home! Nice photos despite the weather. Bet a little CA sunshine seems kinda good?

  7. Well.....some really interesting locations but you sure look miserable in some of those shots although your jacket is really cute!

    I bet you are happy to be warm again.

  8. I enjoyed your trip pics very much, lovely photography. Sorry it was so cold. It sure is lovely country over there!

  9. Loved your slide show - great pics and commentary as usual. Too bad the weather was so nasty for you.


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